2009 Tennessee 3-Move Open
"Dedicated to the memory & honor of Gene Lindsey"
2009 Tennessee Open - Americas Best Value, Lebanon, TN - March 6th - 8


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Congratulations, Michael Holmes & Dr. John Webster tied in match points but Holmes accumulated 130 to John's 129 honor points and the new 2009 TN State Open Champion

Congratulations, Dr. John Webster &
Michael Holmes tied on match points

Congratulations, Larry Keen
2009 TN State Champion


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Congratulations, Ed King
2009 TN State Open Majors Champion

Congratulations, Hollis McClard
highest finishing Tennessee Major


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Jasmine Jones - 2009 TN State Open Minors Champion

Danny Hughes -
highest finishing Tennessee Minor

Vonda Jones - 2009 TN State Women's Champion

Alex Holmes - 2009 TN State Open Youth Champion

This TN Open Tournament is over and congratulations to its directors, and all who participated. It was a wonderful tourney as usual.  The players would like to offer a gracious "thank you" to all who helped, especially Frank and Mary Davis. 

There was a nice $1,670.00 cash prize from entry fees and donations.  Hugh Burton donated a nice wristwatch and Alex donated a copy of his latest book, "The Sixth" for the tournament prize fund.  These were raffled off and proceeds applied to the fund.  Plenty of 15% meal discount coupons from next door Ponderosa Steakhouse were appreciated. 

As most of you know Howard L. Owen lived a long life, most of his life as a checker player and promoter of the game. He was a Tennessee State Champion before he moved to FL and the ACF Treasurer for many years before Charles Walker. Howard grew up in the Nashville area, He lived about 13 years in St. Petersburg, FL from '79 through '92, then moved back to Murfreesboro, TN.  Howard fought cancer in his later years and lived much longer than the doctors predicted he would live. He died in 2004 and buried in Arlington, TN.

Howard L. Owen's daughter, Monica Thompson brought to the tournament a large inventory of his checker books.  This extensive checker library is for sale. Monica said there were about 500 books, magazines, pamphlets, bulletins, newsletters, manuscripts, papers, old ballot decks, checker sets, boards, and portable checker sets.  It appears she sold a good number of books.  I thought she had reasonably priced the books, saying she knew her father wanted these books in the hands of checker players.  This is where you can pick up good quality original books.  You can't get this kind of deal on eBay.  She will bring several push carts to each of the tournaments including the Southern and the GAYP National, so here's your chance to get great quality hardback originals.

Mr. Frank Davis, President of TCA opened the ty by welcoming 54 players from 15 States and the country of Mexico.  The top states represented by the most players were: Tennessee (14), North Carolina (10), and Kentucky (9).  We had four past or current National Champions and seven State Champions, plus three new first time tournament players: Danny Hughes of Niota, TN; Ron Mohr of Sparta, TN; and sixteen year old Jasmine Jones of Mechanicsville, VA competed for the first time in the minors division.  A short TN Checker Association business meeting followed. 

This year's TN Open tournament was dedicated to "Gene Lindsay" in honor and memory of him as a Master Tennessee Checker Player and a generous supporter and promoter of checkers.  Steven Eugene "Gene" Lindsay of Morristown, Tennessee suddenly and unexpectedly died September 6, 2007 at age 52.   Gene gifted Checkers over $360,920.00.  Mr. Davis announced that Betty Vanover would be present for a special Gene Lindsay presentation.  This would be a good opportunity to personally thank Betty and show our appreciation for this generous Lindsay bequest as funding to our great mind sport.  Lindsay's estate was settled in mid-January, 2009 which wasn't the best timing because of the economy; but never the less, the funds were dispersed as following: 

This is an exciting time and a strong promising forward step for checkers.  It will help promote Tennessee Checkers and I expect the interest and enthusiasm will greatly increase future TN Open attendance.

Ken Christian reported positive feed back from the Lebanon-Wilson County Chamber of Commerce and Wilson County Convention and Visitors Bureau concerning checker tournaments, future venues, and help with the news media.  Everyone received a welcome bag from Wilson County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Frank Davis explained during the 2009 TN 3-Move "Dedication to the memory & honor of Gene Lindsey"  Tournament meeting the Tennessee account was set up by investing it in a 3% CD.  This protects the principal with interest only to be used for tournament expense, and reporting the account status by financial statement annually at the TN Open.  This account requires three signatures to make a withdrawal and therefore protecting the funds from an individual's death or a single individual's withdrawal. The three signatures on the initial certificate of deposit account were: the officer of Tennessee Checker Association as President, Frank Davis; Vice President, Ken Christian; and Treasurer Hugh Burton. The interest only would be available in our 2010 Tennessee State Open.   

A checker player ask ACF President, Alan Millhone how the, Gene Lindsay ACF accounts were set up?  ACF President, Alan Millhone responded, "Indicated that the ACF accounts were set up similarly requiring three signatures, and likewise the accounts status and balance would be reported annually at the National business meeting and published in the ACF November/December EOY issue of our bi-monthly bulletin."  All Lindsay accounts were to conserve the principal and use only interest / dividends & growth for tournament expenses starting in 2010.  The Lindsay Funds were stipulated to be paid out as prize funds mostly to the Master Division and tournament expenses.

The American Brest Value Inn & Suite, in Lebanon has adequate facilities as a checker venue.  Frank is also hosting the Southern and the 2009 GAYP National here.   Hotel Management again showed their appreciation for our checker tournament business by providing a catered pizza party Friday afternoon at 6:00 pm for all the checker players.  They provided soft drinks, bottle water, and 36 large assorted combination pizzas, plenty for everyone.  I have later learned that Frank & Mary donated the pizza party and hotel personnel helped set up and serve it.

During the Gene Lindsay presentation, I think Hugh Burton said it best, "This is a great day for checkers!"  "The most  promising and exciting thing to happen to checkers in a long time, we are fortunate to get this gift and have bright young players like Jasmine and Alex playing the game."  "These are our future Master Champions and our new guard that will promote and preserve checkers!"

Faye Harvell baked a huge container of delicious chocolate cookies.  Wade Holder, Ken Christian, and Elbert Jones conducted our Sunday morning worship service. 

Frank Davis - President of Tennessee Checker Association and Director of the Tennessee Open. 

Ken Christian - Vice President of Tennessee Checker Association & TCA Public Relations for Wilson Co.

Mary Davis - Secretary/Treasurer of TCA and administrator / score-keeper of the Tennessee Open.

This is one of the best tourneys on the checker circuit. 

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