2013 3-Move WTM ( Moiseyev vs Borghetti)
June 26th  - July7th in Livorno, Italy

A Three-Move World Title Match between Alex Moiseyev (champion) and Michele Borghetti (challenger) will be held in Italy, tentatively June 26th - July 7th in Livorno, Italy, and possibly finishing in Fossano. Referee will be John Acker who serves as the world title match referee.  I thank the Italian Federation for preparing their WCDF-approved bid.  Contributions to this much anticipated re-match are welcome via Paypal at ACF Store Donation page ("World Championship" button) or (within US) by email to Richard Beckwith (beckwith24@msn.com for info).  Please also consider donations (via ACF Store/Donations "Player Travel Fund") toward airfare for John Acker (Referee).  At Present, the Italian bid covers only 500 euro for John's airfare.  Submitted by Richard Beckwith with changes by Jim Loy.  Originally posted on ACF website under "News" 2/25/2013 by Richard Beckwith, ACF Players Rep, and later amended 3/2/2013.

This WTM is the results of Michele Borghetti of Italy winning checkers gold at the 2012 WMSG (World Mind Sports Games) in Lille, France, August 17-22. Borghetti earned the right to again challenge Alex Moiseyev for the 3-move World Title in 2013. This is Borghetti's 2nd attempt, GM Michele Borghetti of Livorno, Italy won the 2010 WCDF World Qualifying 3-Move Tournament, ahead of the legendary Grand Master Ron King of Barbados by 5 (Sonneborn/Berger) points. This earned him the right to challenge GM Moiseyev to a WTM (Borghetti vs Moiseyev) in August, 2011 at Cleveland, Ohio. Moiseyev defended his title (Moiseyev 7-6-27).

2013 Tournament Dates