Steve Holliday-Bay Village, OH and one of several football fans at the tournament.
Neil Wenberg- Harmony, PA and the eventual B class winner.
Joe LoConti - Mayfield, OH and a generous supporter of this year's tournament.
Tony Kozenski takes a look at Rich Beckwith's checkeristic straits.
Another shot from the Kozenski-Cowie match. Something tells me these two guys have played before!

Lewis is sporting his last years Ohio Trophy Sock, he's wearing it on his right sleeve, but I was told that was given to Mr Checkers?

ACF Prez Alan Millhone: he's so good, he wins from both sides!
Uh oh, Alan. That's Ed Bruch across from you-- you should have stuck with playing both sides yourself!
Alex Moiseyev vs. Richard Beckwith-- talk about a Clash of the Titans!
Neil Wenberg dukes it out with Alan Millhone as Joe LoConti looks on.


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2006 Ohio State Tournament

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