Haleyville, Alabama

     The town of Haleyville is a gracefully aging belle in northwest Alabama. The pace here is pretty slow, laid-back, and folks like it that way.  I missed Mayor Larry Albright. 08 Mayor Ken Sunseri.jpg (21296 bytes)The new Mayor Ken Sunseri and Mayor Pro-tem, Richard "bicycle" Bittinger are also proud of the fact that Haleyville is part of history... the home of 911.  They always leave us a handful of lapel pins and tell us about the beginning of 911 emergency system and how the first call was made from Haleyville, Alabama.  On February 16, 1968 the first 9-1-1 emergency telephone system in the nation went into service in Haleyville, World's First 9-1-1 Call.  Mr. Bittinger said they may not be a big city but they sure are rich in hospitality and friendliness.  The Galley restaurant seems to be a general meeting place for regulars who catch breakfast and the news.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is always available in buffet country style cooking.  A local gentleman who told me Haleyville voted in a new Mayor and all new councilmen in early November, 2008 when Albright retired.   


2008 District 5