These pages are dedicated to Nebraska Checkers Association and the excellent effort they are making to promote checkers... Here is their story with information and pictures provided by NCA-President, Dave Stovie. 

Fifteen years prior to Dave Stovie taking over as President, the N.C.A. averaged only 5 entrants in the State Tournament.  Dave shares his checker enthusiasm and promotes our game with a crusader's  zeal.  It's paying off, as more members enjoy and appreciate this great game.  They now average 14 and hope to increase that this year.  Dave said, "Through playing the game and "booking up" as Al Kopko* calls it, my game is rapidly improving." Smile Laughing  "NCA is planning three tournaments this year, myself and other members are hoping to go to another ty or two also."  "Al Kopko has taught me a lot and has helped my game a lot..."  Regards, Dave Stovie  1/23/08

Al Kopko - "The Great One" and Dave Stovie,
First day in the Nebraska Veterans Home 10/14/07
Al was 85 in 2008 his DOB: 6 Jun 1923

Al Kopko receives congratulations form Dave Stovie the President of the Nebraska Checkers Association for his outstanding accomplishments.  1)  Five time Nebraska State Checkers Champion.  2)  Inducted into the N.C.A. Hall of Fame.  3)  1997 U.S. National Champion in the Majors Division.

August 2006

John Pestal - 2006 Omaha City Champion & also a four time Nebraska State Champion!

2011 Nebraska GAYP

2011 NE 113th State 3-Move

2010 District 7 Open

2010 Nebraska GAYP

2010 NE 112th State 3-Move

2009 NE State Match Games Title Challenge

2009 District 7 Open

2009 NE State GAYP Open

2009 NE 111th State 3-Move Open

2008 NE State Match Games Title Challenge     

2008 NE State GAYP Tournament

2008 NE 110th State 3-Move Open

2008 Omaha City Tournament

2007 NE State GAYP Tournament

2007 NE 109th State 3-Move Open

2007 Omaha City Tournament

2006 NE 108th State 3-Move Open

2006 Omaha City Tournament

NCA 107 Years of Competition

NCA Years of Change

Hall of Fame Ceremony Reception

Nebraska HOF Champions