2009 The German Open
Friday, Saturday & Sunday - August 14th thru 16th
held in Korbach, Germany

Red to move and draw!
Where is it?
734497 Korbach
When is it?
Friday, August 14th from until Sunday, August 16th
What about the pairing system?
7 rounds CH-system with two games and colour change
What about the time limit?
Each player has at least 45 minutes per game.

Who may play?

Are there prizes for foreigners?
The German titles are, of course, for the German members of the IGDD (Interessengeinschaft Damespiel in Deutschland), but the open trophies are at stake for everybody!  Also the entrance fees will be used as prize money.


Which titles are at stake?
"German Open Champion 2009 (GAYP)"
"Deutscher Meister 2009 (GAYP)
"Deutsche Meisterin 2009 (GAYP)"
"Deutscher Jugendmeister 2009 (GAYP)
"Deutsche Mädchenmeisterin 2009 (GAYP)"
There will be trophies awarded to the top three finishers,
and of course the German Champion has the privilege to represent Germany at the WCDF Qualifiers.


Which style is it?
It will be GAYP,
and the results will be sent in for the WCDF ratings.

How much is it?
Entrance fee: adults 20 Euro,
juniors (born after 01.01.1989) 10 Euro

Where can I get accommodation?
Youth hostel Korbach, or private accommodation, reservations to Jan Zioltkowski until August 10th plz!


Who do I have to contact, Any Questions left ?

  • Jan Zioltkowski, Weizacker Str. 19, 34497 Korbach, tel. 05631 / 61710 oder 0175 3481833 zioltkowski@t-online.de

  • Ingo Zachos, Hüttenbruchweg 9b, 44265 Dortmund, tel. 0231 / 86 30 971 nimzo@gmx.de



1. Ingo Zachos 19/20
2. Igor Martynov 16/20
3. Lothar Schmolz 11/20
4. Thomas Juergens 9/20
5. Samual Ziegler 3/20
6. Philipp Jaslar 2/20

  • After many players had withdrawn from their announced attendance, this year’s German Open only saw a very low turnout of 6 players, all from Germany.

  • I won the tournament without even being in a critical position, and Igor fought his way to 2nd place, and this was the first event in Germany he did not win since his come back last year.

  • Lothar Schmolz made his debut, had troubles with the handling of the clocks, but showed much improvement on day two, and he drew a fine game with Igor Martynov.

  • Thomas Juergens was unlucky to lose most of the hard fought battles in the event, and I am sure with a little bit of luck and improved endgame technique, he will be a very good player.

  • Samuel Ziegler and Philipp Jaslar both played quick and showed talent for spotting shots, but also they committed the biggest blunders and both could have scored much more points with careful play, but thr future is bright for them.

  • The next German Championship will be held in Korbach on the weekend of May 22nd & 23rd, 2010.

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  • Submitted by Ingo Zachos

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