November 24 - December 10, 1989

Elbert Lowder and Tim Laverty were on the international team in 1989 over in England.  Wealthy businessman, Charlie Walker, who generously supported checkers and his financial donation with others help make this event possible, invited several top players to play in a Russian Match, an Invitational Tournament - USA vs Russia at Kiev, Russia.

Tim Laverty went to Russia later that same year, the day after Thanksgiving for two weeks. Elbert was asked to be on a 4-man team consisting of Marion Tinsley, Asa Long, and Norman Wexler. Elbert did not care to make the trip, so Tim was the fourth player on the team. They were guest of Charles and accompanied by Delores & Charlie Walker. This friendly match was a brainchild of Charlie Walker who made all of the arrangements and negotiations with the Russian contingency. 



(US TEAM - M. Tinsley, A. Long, N. Wexler and T. Laverty)

Lowder's  Internationals