1929 - 7th (2-Move) Rump National

 1929 - 7th Rump 2-move Nationals - Morrison Hotel in Chicago, IL - March 11th -19th
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"Seelbach Rump Tournament"

Inside page of the 1929 - 7th Rump 2-move Nationals Tournament book.  This tourney become known as the "Seelbach Rump" because one meaning of the word rump is: (A legislature having only a small part of its original membership and therefore being unrepresentative or lacking in authority; remains, rest, those left, remaining part). Although both 1929 National Tys were held and games published, only the Cedar Pt. National was recognized by ACA which later become ACF.  Don Deweber & Al Darrow contributed facts about these 2 nationals.  Jay Hinnershitz elaborated further... The word "Rump" used to describe the Chicago tourney in 1929 was first used by American Checker Association Honorary President E.H. Greene.  He used it in a letter to acting ACA President H.B. Reynolds in late 1928/early 1929, as a result of Edwin Seelbach's attempts to "re-organize" the ACA, without the approval of most of his fellow ACA officials.  Seelbach and those that followed him elected E.H. Greene to be President of the re-organized ACA... this was done without Greene's permission, indeed, this was a position which Greene had no interest in.  Greene wrote a letter to H.B. Reynolds describing these events where he used the term "Rump Convention" in Chicago (in reference to Seelbach and his followers)... I probably don't have to explain to you what part of an animal a "rump" is... I am sure Greene used the term in a very derogatory manor... the name stuck, and is still used to this day for this tourney, to distinguish it from the "Official" 7th American Tournament at Cedar Point. The details of these events are recorded as they played out in the pages of American Checker Monthly Magazine, 1928-29.  Hope this helps !!   Regards, Jay Hinnershitz
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1929 (7th Rump National)