4th Great Lakes International Checkers Conference (GLICC)
The 4th Great Lakes International Checkers Conference (GLICC) was held October - December, 2003, on ItsYourTurn.com. Neil Wenberg of Harmony, Pennsylvania, and Vern Cloud of South Bend, Indiana, tied for top honors. Congratulations, Neil and Vern!

Mr. Wenberg and Mr. Cloud scored 14 points out of a possible 20, Wenberg with 5 wins, 1 loss, and 4 draws; Cloud with 6 wins, 2 losses, and 2 draws. Mr. Wenberg is counted first on the tie-breaker as he won and drew in head-to-head games with Mr. Cloud.

The double round robin was very close, with Art Smit coming in third with 13 points and Roger Blaine in fourth with 12 points. Mr. Blaine, the tournament director, claimed the title of "draw master" with six draws in ten games.

Here are the complete results.






1 Neil Wenberg (PA) 14  
1 Vern Cloud (IN) 14  
3 Art Smit (CA) 13  
4 Roger Blaine (WI) 12  
5 Roberto Ernest (IL) 7  
6 Frankie Gray (IL) 0  

Submitted by Neil Wenberg

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