Bill Henson's Birthday Checker Tournament Bill Henson's Birthday Checker Tournament was held on September 13, 2003, in Centralia, Illinois. Contestants competed in one class. Five rounds of three-move restriction were played. No entry fee was collected. A midday meal was served by Mrs. Henson, and everyone was treated to birthday cake and ice cream. Bobby Smith graciously donated trophy plaques for first, second and third places, inscribed with the date, place, and reason for the checker tournament. A nice item to hang on one’s wall. Thank you Bobby, and thank you Mrs. Henson!






1 Gene Ellison 16  
2 Willis Shewcraft 13  
3 Morris Pettijohn 12  
4 John Grisley 11 56
5 Howard Hoover 11 44
6 Bobby Smith 8  
7 Bill Henson 5  
8 Roger Doll 4  

2003 Calendar