2003 Nebraska State Open - Lloyd Mills Memorial Checker Tournament
The Nebraska State Open - Lloyd Mills Memorial Checker Tournament was held October 19, 2003, in Schuyler, Nebraska. John Pestal won the tournament and is now Nebraska State Champion, the first time since 1995 that John has held the title! A nice lunch was served by the Stallsworths. John Pestal who is a seventy five years old retired Omaha barber trimmed all other competitors to take 1st place and he is the latest winner of the Lloyd Mills Nebraska State Trophy, signifying the winner of the Annual State Checkers Championship. George Stallsworth, the youngest player in the tournament at the age of sixty two tied Ben Schaben, who is eighty eight for second place. The 4th place finisher was Joe Boyer who is ninety one years of age. This undoubtedly holds the ACF checker tournament record with the average age being a young 79.  Tournament  write-up in Midlands News.  Here are the results.






1 John Pestal (NE) 16  
2 Vince Schaben (IA) 11  
2 George Stallsworth (NE) 11  
4 Joe Boyer (IA) 10  
5 Tom Bailey (NE) 4  

Submitted by John Pestal

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