2003 Pennsylvania Open   

Pennsylvania Open Tournament The PA Open tournament was played June 13-15 at the South Ridge Motor Inn, in State College, PA. Tony Kozenski is the new Pennsylvania State champ, and currently holds the new "Alex trophy" as current state champ. A 10-round, round-robin format was used. We welcomed Jason Solan who played in his first tournament. A total prize fund of $610 was awarded. Donations were received from Alex Moiseyev, Don Guy, Terry Mazzocco, and Tony Kozenski. Here are the full results.






1 Alex Moiseyev, OH 34  
2 Ed Bruch, NY 30  
3 Tony Kozenski, PA 28 190
4 Louis Cowie, OH 28 186
5 Richard Beckwith, OH 27  
6 Alan Millhone, OH 26  
7 Neil Wenberg, PA 22  
8 Jason Solan, PA 16  
9 Mike Ross, NC 13  
10 Joe Caro, PA 10  
11 Donell Guy, DE 5  

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