Big-Board Checkers & Jack of All Games April 9th , 2005

  • Arthur Bell rolled over all opposition to win the Big-Board Checkers tourney Saturday morning, April 9, 2005, at Fix Coffee House in South Bend, Ind.
  • The games went fairly fast and we decided to make it a double round robin.
  • Bell, who was the International Checkers winner at South Bend last September, won 8 straight for 16 points. He was awarded a numbered checker board.
  • Blaine won the "Jack of All Games" in the afternoon by winning 5 straight in Scrabble, Nine Men's Morris, Straight Checkers, and International checkers.
  • Players in this mixed event take turns choosing which game of skill to play. Other choices include chess, mancala, Chinese Checkers, and backgammon.
  • Each player earns a bonus point for each different kind of game played.
  • A special welcome to Jeff Stutzman, a teacher at Concord High School who is an enthusiastic player on ItsYour; Alan Schrader, who was active in chess tournaments back in the 60's and 70's; and Darien Mattix, 9, the son of one of the store managers.
  • The honor points column for "Jack of All Games" lists the number of bonus points received.

Big Board

Rank Name Points HP Additional Info
1 Arthur Bell 16 --  
2 Roger Blaine 11 --  
3 Jim Perkins 8 --  
4 Shirley Perkins 3 --  
5 Jeff Stutzman 2 --  

Jack of All Games

Rank Name Points HP Additional Info
1 Roger Blaine 9 4  5 wins
2 Jeff Stutzman 8 4  4 wins
3 Alan Schrader 7.5 5  2.5 wins
4 Shirley Perkins 5.5 4  1.5 wins
5 Jim Perkins 5 4  1 win
6 Darien Mattix 4 4  0 wins

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