Centre County Court Order

Below is a typed copy of the court order which turned the Dan Frank Trust money over to Don's care.


And now this 5th, day of December, 2005, upon the Petition of Omega Bank, Trustee if the Testamentary Trusty created in the Will of Daniel Grimnison Frank, the Court hereby Orders that Omega Bank shall be relieved of its position as Trustee under said Trust and that the Board of Directors of the John Caldwell - Irving Windy Library of Checkers Inc., a State of Iowa Corporation, shall hold said funds of the Frank Trust, in a separate account shall not co-mingle said funds with other monies, and shall each year when a checker tournament is held in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that is officially sanctioned by the American Checker Federation, it shall provide prize money from said funds. The funds held by the corporation shall remain under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

I can not read the Judge's name)

Certified from the records this 6th. day of December, 2005.
Signed by the Clerk of Courts of Centre County, Pa.

Keystone Checkers Trust