7th District Tournament  
The 7th District Tournament will be held July 9th - 10th , 2005

in Macon, Missouri . Longbranch Inn (Same location as the 2003 District 7
tournament) 28933 Sunset Drive, off U.S. Hwy 36 in
Macon, Missouri 63552. Phone 660-385-2125. Across
the road from Longbranch Lake. Must be a member of
the ACF or join that day. Registration starts at 8:00
AM Saturday. Play time 9:00 AM with 5 rounds on
Saturday, two Sunday.

For more information please contact Gary Hinerman, 7th District Director at 660-263-9512 Daytime; 660-263-1537 evenings.

Submitted By: Ryan Pronk

Subject: ACF District 7 Express Results

Posted By Ryan Pronk (ryanpronk@usacheckers.com) On Tue 07/12/05 0055BST:
Here are the express results of the tournament. The amount of points might be different, but the standings are official:

Congratulations to Hugh Moreland for winning the title!

Rank       Name State Points Honor   Prize  Comments
    Points  Money   
 1. Hugh Moreland MO 16     New District 7 Champion
 2. Robert Couch MO 12      
 3. Bill Wethington MO 11      
 4. Neil Wenberg PA 11      
 5. Gary Hinerman MO 10      

These results will be reported to the ACF website as well.



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