Indiana State & District 6 Tourney
The Indiana State & District 6 Tourney will be held August 27th - 28th , 2005

in AmeriHost Inn in Plainfield, Indiana .
AmeriHost Inn, 6105 Cambridge Way, Plainfield, Indiana.
West of Indianapolis, I-70 Exit 66, St. Rt. 267 (Quaker Blvd.), North
mile, right at light (Hadley Rd.), right again on Cambridge, behind Comfort Inn.
Phone (317)-838-9300.

Guaranteed $500 prizes. 1st prize at least $200. Masters and Majors - Sat & Sun - 7 rounds of 3-move restriction, ACF membership required. Entry fee is $25. Special deal: If you are not an ACF member, membership + entry will be given for $30. Starts at 10 am. There will be a Novice tournament if at least 4 enter on Sat August 27. It will be GAYP and membership is not required. Entry is $10. You can send early entries to Fair Games, P.O. Box 353, Osceola, IN 46561

Guaranteed $500 prizes! 1st prize at least $200.
Masters and Majors - Sat. & Sun. - 7 rounds - 3-move restriction - ACF membership required ($25/yr)

Entry fee $25.
Special deal: if you are not an ACF member, membership + entry only $30.
Start 10:00 a.m. Time is the same as Central Time.

Novice tournament, if at least 4 enter: Sat. Aug. 27 only - "Go as you please" - membership not required - entry fee $10.

Director: Roger Blaine, (574) 257-9033,
Entries: Fair Play Games, P.O. Box 353, Osceola IN 46561

For more information please contact Roger Blaine at 574-257-9033 or

details reported by Roger Blaine

1.  Won by Gene Lindsay - (TN) 22 points
2. Charles Freeman - (KY) 19
3. Alan Millhone - (OH) 16
4. Jonathon Chappell - (KY) 14
5. Dr. Robert Shuffett - (KY) 13
6. Nathan Gogo - (IL) 11
7. Ron Bailey - (IN) 10
8. Neil Wenberg - (PA) 7

Gene did quite well with 22 points and Charles Freeman only Master to hold him to two draws. Mr. Ron Bailey remains Indiana State Champion and I was lucky enough to remain District 6 Champion.

1. Won by Howard Hoover - (IL) 21 points
2. Bobby Smith - (IL) 20
3. Casey Goddard - (IN) 19
4/5. Ed Bucker - (IN) 17
4/5. Dennis Bullington - (IN) 17
6. Bill Henson - (IL) 13
7. Andrew Kravetz - (IN) 5
8. Jennifer Kelton - (IL) 0

A great time was had by all. This is always a fun tournament and most competitive and hope to see many more there next year. I missed seeing Michael Holmes there this year:-)

Masters division: (8 players): 1st Place Gene Lindsay (TN) with 22 points, 2nd Charles Freeman (KY) 19 points, 3rd Alan Millhone (OH) 16 points retains District 6 Champion Title, 4th Jonathon Chappell (KY) 14 points, 5th Dr. Robert Shuffett (KY) 13 points, 6th Nathan Gogo (IL) 11 points, 7th Ron Bailey (IN) 10 points retains Indiana State Champion Title, 8th Neil Wenberg (PA) 7 points.
Majors division: (8 players): 1st place Howard Hoover (IL) with 21 points, 2nd Bobby Smith (IL) 20 points, 3rd Casey Goddard (IN) 19 points, 4th/5th Dennis Bullington (IN) and Ed "Pal" Bucker (IN) 17 points each, 6th Bill Henson (IL) 13 points, 7th Andrew Kravetz (IN) 5 points (first ty for Andy), 8th Jennifer Kelton (IL) 0 points, Jennifer played much better than indicated by her score, she had me down a man during our second game and just missed the win because of a slip up at the end.

We are glad Roger Blaine has organized Indiana Checkers and again having the State Tournaments. His directorship is appreciated.  Indiana missed having a state tournament in 1992, 93, and 94.  In 1995 an Indiana State Tournament was held but with small attendance.  Ron Bailey and Richard Beckwith tied for first place, because it was a round robin and they both had the same number of honor points so they declared them co-champions. They missed 1996, 97, and 98. In 1999 and 2000 Blaine organized & sponsored  the Indiana State which Michael Holmes won both and then a resident of Indiana was declared its State Champion. Again there was no state tournaments in 2001, 02, 03.  Roger Blaine held his first Plainfield, IN State Tournament in 2004. Holmes won it but now lives in Louisville, KY so Ron Bailey was the state champion and Alan Millhone the District 6 Champion.

2005 Tournament Dates