Keystone Checkers Trust

When Keystone Checkers Trust was setup Don Deweber considered Richard Beckwith and Alan Millhone as trustees along with himself; however, those two candidates were dropped and Patricia S. Farrell and himself were registered at the original trustees.  Patty was a banking friend and business contact of Don Deweber at the branch where he banked, and the same bank where the Keystone Trust Fund was opened.  She ask to be removed when all the internet controversy was being posted on the ACF Forum and phone calls to her office asking questions about the Keystone Checkers Trust.  At this time she was Vice President and Branch Manager of HyVee Asbury In-Store Office on 4800 Asbury Road, Dubuque, IA but since has move up with US Bank Corporation and now works in Illinois, which is just across the river.

Edward S. Bucker was registered as her replacement but not as a trustee but guardian in the event of Don's death, (not sure of title) which cost Don each time the trust is changed.  He also must hire the tax preparation and filing of a 990 non-profit corporate tax return or file it himself.

2008 PA Ty