Northern States Tournament
will be held July 17th - 18th , 2005 in, Medina, Ohio .

The Northern States Open will be held July 16 & 17, 2005 at the Traveler's Choice Hotel, 2875 Medina Road, Medina, Ohio (west of Akron) -  Entry fee is $15.00. Registration at 9:00 a.m. Saturday with play beginning at 9:30 am. 3-move restriction. $500 in prizes, sponsored by Agora Promotions.  The hotel is located on the Northeast corner of I-71 interchange with state highway 18 (exit 218, just south of where I-71 and I-271 merge). Hotel is about a quarter-mile from interchange. Several restaurants are nearby, as well as antique mall and outlet stores. Room rates are $35 (single or double) per night plus tax. Phone number for Traveler's Choice is 330-725-4571. Please indicate you are there for the checker tournament to
For more information please contact Richard Beckwith at (440) 516-1284,

Submitted By: Dr. Richard Beckwith

 Mr. Alex Moiseyev won last year's event. I expect a bigger turnout this year with the likes of Cowie, Kozenski, Millhone, Holliday, etc.

Northern States - July 16 & 17th, 2005 - Traveler's Choice Hotel, Median, Ohio
Rank       Name State Points Honor   Prize  Comments
    Points  Money   
 1. Tony Kozenski  PA 20    $157.50 Tie for Co-Champions
 2. Richard Beckwith OH 20    $157.50 Tie for Co-Champions
 3. Louis Cowie OH 19    $  95.00  
 4. Alan Millhone OH 16    $  65.00  
 5. Corey Modich MI 12    $  50.00  
 6. Steve Holiday  OH 10    $  30.00  
 7. Doug Hughson MI 6     withdrew at start of 3rd round
Total        $555.00  

Seven rounds of three-move restriction (Round-Robin) were played.  Tony Kozenski & Richard Beckwith tied on points and are declared co-champions.  Vince Delong and Joe LoConti visited the tourney.  Donations were received by Richard Beckwith, Doug Hughson, Joe LoConti, Tony Kozenski, Corey Modich, and Alan Millhone. 

Our new playing room and hotel were a hit, not mention the excellent sirloin dinner ( $7) and prime rib specials ($10) 

Sadly this was the last Northern States Tournament as it was absorbed into the Ohio State Tourney.  Like the Lakeside Tourneys, Northern States came about after the demise of Lakeside and now itself is no longer played.

We look forward to a big crowd at the September Ohio State Tournament.

Submitted By: Dr. Richard Beckwith

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