2005 Ohio State Tournament  
The Ohio State Tournament will be held September 10th - 11th , 2005

in Cleveland, Ohio . The Ohio State Tournament will be held September 10 & 11, 2005 at the
Traveler's Choice Hotel, Medina, Ohio (west of Akron) - please note
new location. Entry fee is $10.00. Registration at 9:00 a.m. Saturday
with play beginning at 9:30 am. This is a 7-round, 3-move restriction
tournament (using 156 opening deck) with $500 in prizes, sponsored by
Agora Promotions. Masters Division: ACF membership is required and may be
paid at registration. Time clocks and recording of games will be

The hotel is located on the Northeast corner of I-71 interchange with
state highway 18 (exit 218, just south of where I-71 and I-271 merge).
Several restaurants are nearby, as well as antique mall and outlet
stores. Room rates are $35 (single or double) per night plus tax. Phone
number for Traveler's Choice is 330-725-4571. Please indicate you
are there for the checker tournament to receive the discount.

For more information please contact Richard Beckwith at (440) 516-1284, beckwith24@msn.com.

Submitted By: Dr. Richard Beckwith

Subject: Ohio State Results

Posted By Richard Beckwith (beckwith24@msn.com) On Mon 09/19/05 1954BST:
2005 Ohio State Tournament, Medina, OH September 10 & 11

A Class:
1. Alex Moiseyev (OH) 23 $160
2. Louis Cowie (OH) 18 $105
3. Tony Kozenski (PA) 17-104 $67.50
4. Richard Beckwith (OH) 17-98 $67.50
5. Johnny Barham (AR/OH) 16 $40
6.Alan Millhone (OH) 14 $25
7.Steve Holliday (OH) 13-85 $12
8.Paul Bryan (OH) 13-82 $12
9.Joe LoConti (OH) 13-70 $12
10.Neil Wenberg (PA) 12
11.Doug Hughson (MI) 11
T12. George Tartt(PA) 0, withdrew after 1 round
T12. Jon Shedlock (PA) 0, w/d after 1 round
T12 Charles Stevenson (PA) 0, w/d after 1 round

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the tournament and retaining Ohio State Title. Steve Holliday won the B group (those players 7th place and down). All players played in one division of Swiss. Terry Mazzocco and newcomer Jerry Jacobson visited the tourney. George Tartt, Jon Shedlock, and Charles Stevenson all joined ACF. Terry Mazzocco renewed his ACF membership.

$500 in prizes were awarded; donations received by Joe LoConti ($245), Alan Millhone ($10), Tony Kozenski ($10), and Doug Hughson ($10).

A match book is being prepared to include:

A number of Ohio Players decided to sell book for $20. The book will be available around January. Games will be annotated, with diagrams. Write to Richard Beckwith, 34490 Ridge Road #115, Willoughby, OH 44094. Checks can be made out to Ohio State Checker Association. Paypal users may purchase this item at the usacheckers.com store under game transcripts (once button is in place). Thanks to those who have already placed orders.


Rank Name Points HP Additional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev 23 -- $160
2 Louis Cowie 18 -- $105
3 Tony Kozenski 17 104 $67.50
4 Richard Beckwith 17 98 $67.50
5 Johnny Barham 16 -- $40
6 Alan Millhone 14 -- $25


Rank Name Points HP Additional Info
1 Steve Holliday 13 85 $12
2 Paul Bryan 13 82 $12
3 Joe LoConti 13 70 $12
4 Neil Wenberg 12 --  
5 Doug Hughson 11 --  
6 George Tartt -- -- withdrew after rd. 1
6 Jon Shedlock -- -- withdrew after rd. 1
6 Charles Stevenson -- -- withdrew after rd. 1

Followup Comments:

* Added By Rich Beckwith (beckwith24@msn.com) On Mon 09/19/05 1954BST:
Sorry, about formatting being run together. Alex won $160. The "2" in Alex's dollar figure is for 2nd place for Cowie, etc.

* Added By Igor Keder (ikeder@volny.cz) On Mon 09/19/05 1954BST:
Hi Rich,please, send me cross table from Ohio State Tournament. Thanks,

* Added By Alan Millhone (millhone@wirefire.com) On Mon 09/19/05 1954BST:
Hello everyone: It was especially to see two younger players enter the Ohio Tournament and to have three new ACF Members join and one former member re-new his dues :-) It was a strong tournament and I lost 'back to back' rounds (both sides 0f openings) Vs. Mr. Alex and Mr. Louis Cowie. I was lucky to get what points I did get! Those who did not attend missed a good tourney...... Hope to see you and others next year. As usual, Dr. Beckwith ran a fine tournament and congrat. to Mr. Alex for remaining the Ohio State Champion.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation

* Added By Alan Millhone (millhone@wirefire.com) On Mon 09/19/05 1954BST:
Hello everyone:I omitted the word 'nice' after especially :-)

Also note Mr. Alex garnered 23 out of a possible 24 points !! It continually amazes me how many ways I can find to lose a game ! To finish near or at the top you HAVE to know your lines of published play, " Knowledge is Power "...........

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation

* Added By A. Moiseyev (omela@juno.com) On Mon 09/19/05 1954BST:
Alan, I've got 23 points of possible 28, not 24 ! In total I drewed 5 games from 14 - both games vs Cowie in round 8, and one game in other rounds vs R. Beckwith, L. Cowie and J. Barham, young and very potential player.

It is impossible in such good company to win almost all games, and I still consider my result as one of the best.

It will be interesting to see, how ACF (Mr. Butler) and WCDF (Igor Keder) process my rating, and if I get any improvement :)

I learned one expert level cook in this tournament and several "new ways to go".

Good people, good checkers, good time and place :) Thanks for everyone who made it possible.

I was lucky do not play against Steve Holliday, otherwise number of my draws can be significantly increase. I remember - not long time ago in one games he've got 3 or 4 Kings on me, though I still won !

Alan Millhone brought GAYP selected (57) games from 2005 National. Michael Holmes, ACF games processor and annotator, gave me a great credit and compliment saying something like : "It is easy to beat Alex, all you need to do - don't make mistakes" ! I like this quote :)



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