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Subject: South Carolina State Tournament

Posted By joe redd ( On Tue 06/07/05 1459BST:
Hello everyone, Just wanted to get word out about the largest state tournament prize fund that I have seen. $4,000.00 This tournament will be October 1st and the 2nd 2005 . It will be played in Farmers Hall in the historic Pendleton, South Carolina. Official SC Tourism Home Page
There will be 7 rounds of play in these Divisions:
 Masters, Major, Minor, Youth 17-21, Youth 16 and under

There will be door prizes, fine dining, tours, and much more.
You will be able to get a sneak preview of our new TURBO CHECKER LEAGUE. We have a CRUISE tournament set for 2006 that will be OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

Visit for more information.

For more information please contact: Dr. Tommy Martin or Bobby Joe Redd
You can always call Dr. Tommy Martin 864-934-2525 or Joe Redd 864-901-5637 for more info.
By the way, the NC website is unbelievable and posted his info as soon as I got it to them. Thanks to JR and team

Followup Comments:

* Added By Alexander Moiseyev ( On Tue 06/07/05 1459BST:
Joe, thanks alot for your and Dr. Martin efforts promoting checkers. I spent unforgettable time in Anderson, and I am sure - Ron too. From many other checkers events I had attended since 1996 - this one is on top of my list. I remember each single inch of check I've got from mayor of Anderson !

I am planning to be in Anderson again in October and play in the State tournament.

Do you have Air Ballooning this time of year ? :)


* Added By joe ( On Tue 06/07/05 1459BST:
Thanks Alex for those kind words. We did a test run match on the turbo checkers tonight and the spectators were AMAZED. We don't have a balloon ride scheduled but all it takes is money, so we shall see.

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