As of 12 noon today, there were  16 Top Master, 10 Master, 12 Jr. Master, 11 Gold Bar Players, 12 Blue Ribbon players for a total of 61 players registered for the 40th APCA National Tournament at Columbus Ohio.  Also, World Champion, Alex Moiseyev, stopped by to wish all players good luck in their pursuit to win their divisions

Thanks to Wayne Lockheart and his "gizmo" :) computer program that these results and others can be brought to you in a timely manner.  Also, hopefully, before end of the week there will be some highlights (photos) from the event published to this site.

Tournament Director,
Wayne Lockheart


The results of the 2006 Annual American Pool Checkers Association's Tournaments can be seen by clicking on the following hyperlink 
We will also print the recorded tournament games  as soon as possible. We'll notify you when they are available. Perhaps we will put them in disk format this year (t-dam).
Prepare for Memphis next Summer.
Dr. Smith
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Hello Everyone!

Commenting, not as one who participated in our recent tournament, but as one who just looked at the chart of the posted results, it is clear that the 2 big keys to winning our tournaments are:
    (1) to not lose a game to any of your opponents,
    (2) to win at least one game off of each of your opponents or to come as close to doing so as possible.
According to the chart, Monroe, the winner, had 16 opponents, 14 wins, and 0 losses.  Elton, the runner-up, had 16 opponents, 14 wins, and 1 lost.  I, the third place finisher, had 16 opponents, 11 wins, and 2 losses.  Just to put this in clearer perspective, 14 divided by 16 equals 0.875.  Move the decimal point 2 places to the right and you have 87.5%.  In other words, Monroe and Elton won games off of almost 90 percent of their competition.  I won games off of 68.8 or almost 70 percent of my competition.  The one thing that the top 3 finishers have in common is that they won games off of most of the competition whiles losing to less than 10 percent.
Now, here's the question.  What do you make of these numbers?  Based on this data, what inferences can we make about our tournaments or its Top Master division?  It is my hope that we don't get stuck in the purely negative inferences!  But lets not run away from them, either!  It's my wish that we rally around those inferences that can push us forward and make our tournaments better, more competitive, and more credible.
Great Charlie

North Carolina is represented fairly well in this variation of Checkers... several are from the Durham area, one from Wilmington, and 1 from Louisburg, and 1 from Winston Salem.   Visit their site:  The American Pool Checker Association

2006 APCA Tournament

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