Big-Board Checkers & Jack of All Games April 9th, 2006
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Vern Cloud Wins Big-Board Checkers Tourney! Vern Cloud, South Bend, IN, won the 10th Great Lakes International Checkers Conference, on the 100-square board, played  on the Internet on Its Your from August 2005 to January 2006. Cloud scored 15 out of possible 16, and was followed closely by David Rockwell, Chicago, at 14, and Roger Blaine, Mishawaka, IN, at 13.  Tournament No.11 started early February with 10 players, organized by Blaine.





1 Vern Cloud IN 15
2 David Rockwell IL 14
3 Roger Blaine IN 13
4 Neil Wenberg PA 8
5 Jeff Stutzman IN 7
6 John Drexel MI 5
7&8 Frankie Gray  IL 4
7&8 Glen Overby IL 4
9 RoseMarie Wolf ND 2

Our Champion Vern Cloud increased his rating by 19 points and is far ahead of everyone else at 1790. Runner-up David Rockwell made a sensational gain of 74 points from 1501 as he went from the middle of the pack in Tournament No.9 to 2nd place in No.10.  Third-place Roger Blaine gained 23 points to reach the 2nd highest rating at 1635.  (Note to those who are "established" in the game:  We are strictly amateurs in this league, and the ratings are for internal comparison of the players with 1500 being the median.  If you want to compare us to "good" players, you may have to subtract about 200 points from these ratings!)

Finish Name Rating
1 Vern Cloud 1790
2 Roger Blaine 1635
3 David Rockwell 1575
4 Neil Wenberg 1558
5 Art Smit 1507
6 Jeff Stutzman  1345
7 John Drexel 1323
8 Frankie Gray 1287
9 Glen Overby 1278
10 RoseMarie Wolf 1067

Art Smit did not compete in No.9, but returned to the pack with his previous 1507.  Newcomers Erik Olsen and Brenda Johnson are estimated at 1100. 


WINNERS OF G.L.I.C.C. (First tournament started in January 2003)
Tournament Name Year
1 Roger Blaine 2003
2 Neil Wenberg  
3 Vern Cloud  
4 Vern Cloud & Neil Wenberg  
5 Vern Cloud & Roberto Ernest 2004
6 Andre de Koning  
7 Vern Cloud  
8 Vern Cloud  
9 Vern Cloud 2005
10 Vern Cloud  

Submitted by: Roger Blaine

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