2006 Canadian Open Checker Tournament Results
Friday, October 20 - Sunday, October 22 in Hamilton, Ontario at the Ramada

A great time was had by the six players who competed in the Canadian Open Checker Tournament on Friday and Saturday October 20 and 21, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Hamilton Ontario.   Ed Bruch who was unable to commit  to the two day tournament  because of the uncertainty of the weather in his area, paid a surprise brief visit on Saturday.   So that there would be no bye round Ken Shoesmith, tournament director,  played, and though over his head in the Master class, had the checker time of his life. Since there were only 6 players the tournament became a round robin event and was completed in 5 rounds.  Each round was 1 opening, 2 games; thus the total possible points was 20.   Following are the results including the prize money awarded:

Finish                 Player     City/State  Wins Draws Losses Points $ Prize


1 Alex Moiseyev (OH) 7 3 0 17 $700.00  
2 Richard Beckwith (OH) 2 7 1 11 $500.00  
3 Earl Morrison (QUE) 3 4 3 10 $375.00

New Canadian Champion

4 Leroy Adams (MAN) 2 5 3 9 $175.00  
5 Alan Millhone (OH) 2 4 4 8 $150.00  
6 Ken Shoesmith (ONT) 0 5 5 5 $100.00  

Earl Morrison by virtue of being the Canadian with the highest score becomes the Canadian Open Champion.   He is also the Canadian Match Champion and has thus established himself as the best Canadian Checker Player. Leroy Adams is now the President of the Canadian Checker Association.   The next Canadian Open will be held in his home city of Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2008.   Leroy has a great desire to build Canadian checkers, has much community support, and plans to get sponsors to build a large prize fund for the 2008 tournament.   Leroy wants the Canadian Open to be near Canada Day (July 1); therefore, the tentative dates--Leroy is pretty firm about them--will be: Sunday, June 29, Monday, June 30, and the morning of Tuesday, July 1, 2008 -- i.e. 7 rounds.   This will leave the rest of Canada Day to enjoy the Winnipeg festivities.   Put it in your calendar and plan to attend to go after the first prize of $2000 which Leroy announced on Friday morning will be the top prize. It has been fun and a lot of work at times being president.   I now look forward to supporting and helping Leroy in any way I can.  Bulletin editors -- please report results in the next issue of you bulletin or newsletter.   Thank you for your support and encouragement. Ken Shoesmith

Official Score Sheet
2006 Canadian Open Tournament                    
    October 20 & 21, 2006   3-move     Round Robin, by game    
                30 moves per hour (by clock)    
      ACF WCDF        vs.  opponent


  Player  City/State ID ID 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total $ Prize
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH) 3059 101001 -- S2 S4 S4 S4 S3 17 $700.00
2 Richard Beckwith (OH) 2580 101008 S2 -- S3 S2 S1 S3 11 $500.00
3 Earl Morrison (QUE) 2330 102001 S0 S1 -- S3 S3 S3 10 $375.00
4 Leroy Adams (MAN) 2404 102002 S0 S2 S1 -- S3 S3 9 $175.00
5 Alan Millhone (OH) 3215 101032 S0 S3 S1 S1 -- S3 8 $150.00
6 Ken Shoesmith (ONT)          ----      ---- S1 S1 S1 S1 S1 -- 5 $100.00
      2 points for win; 1 for draw             $2,000.00

Congrats to Mr. Alex for a convincing victory! Thanks goes to the Canadian Checker Association and the local Thunderbids for putting together a ~$2000 prize fund, as well as giving each participant a fine pen & watch set ($100 value!). I enjoyed the fall colors and the trip to Niagara Falls on the way back. Leroy Adams is already aggressively planning ahead for the next Canadian Open in Winnipeg to be held in early July of 2008. -  Richard Beckwith  ACF Player Rep.

Reprint from ACF forum 10/27/2006

As the new President of the Canadian Checker Association, I would like to thank all those who participated in the Canadian Open Tournament 2006 in Hamilton.
In the past fours years, the CCA was able to establish a fund of over $1200 through a combination of membership dues, fundraising and entry fees. A $1000 sponsorship came from the Thunderbird Baseball Association in Hamilton, bringing the total monies to $2204.70. After expenses ($204.70 paid for the playing room), $2000.00 went to the prize funds. Pen/watch/booklight sets were also given out.  In my term as the new president, my goals are:
1. to work in my own community to improve knowledge of and stimulate interest in the game of checkers
2. to work on improving knowledge of checkers and stimulating interest in the game of checkers across Canada
3. to work with established checker/draughts organizations to improve knowledge and raise the profile of the game of checkers/draughts.
In 2008, the Canadian Open Tournament will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I will focus my efforts to continue to make the Canadian Open Checker Tournament a premiere event.

Leroy Adams
President, Canadian Checker Association
“All are winners in Canadian checkers.”

2006 Tournament Dates