ACF District 7 Tournament     

ACF District 7 Tournament - July 15 & 16th, 2006 in West of Macon, MO at the Longbranch Inn, 28933 Sunset Drive; Phone 660-385-2125. 

Motels:  Best Western Motel, 28933 Sunset Drive, Macon, MO 63552 phone Number  660-385-2125,  Other Motels in Macon are:  Regal 8 - phone:  660-385-5788, or Sandman - phone: 660-385-4212.  If coming in RV, There is an RV campground at the next exit west, Shoemaker's RV Center, 660-775-5313. 

Everyone must be a member of the ACF to play, or join by playing $20.00 dues. Entry fee $10.00  If enough players, we will have two days of 7 rounds. 

Register July 15th at 8:00AM, play 9:00AM.  Across the road is Longbranch State Park & Lake, with walking trails around the lake.

Gary Hinerman, Tournament Director  2200 E. Normal, Apt. 16, Kirksville, MO 63501

District 7 contains States: Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.
District 7 Manager: Gary Hinerman


7th District - Macon, MO - July 15 & 16, 2006 - Standings
Round-Robin - by game - 3-move
  Players Points Prize
1 Durwood Fogle (IL) * 22 $35
2 Bill Wethington (MO) * 20 $25
3 Gary Hinerman (MO) 17 $10
T4 Gayle Helterbrand (MO) 16  
T4 Robert Couch (MO) 16  
6 Hugh Morehead (MO) 14  
7 George Stallsworth (NE) 7  
*Durwood Fogle of Illinois wins the tournament
*Bill Wethington (High Ridge, MO) is the highest finish District resident and is the 2006 District 7 Champion
re-typed by RCB from G. Hinerman score-sheet

7th District - Macon, MO - July 15 & 16, 2006 - Score-sheet - Round-Robin - by game - 3-move
  Players Round 1 Round 2  Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7
3 Durwood Fogle (IL) 5T3 BYE T7 6T10 7T12 2T15 1T18 4T22
7 Bill Wethington (MO) 2T2 4T4 1T6 3T8 6T12 5T15 BYE T19
2 Gary Hinerman (MO) 7T2 5T4 BYE T8 4T10 3T11 6T15 1T17
1 Gayle Helterbrand (MO) BYE T4 6T8 7T9 5T11 4T13 3T14 2T16
5 Robert Couch (MO) 3T1 2T3 4T5 1T7 BYE T11 7T12 6T16
4 Hugh Morehead (MO) 6T2 7T4 5T6 2T8 1T11 BYE T15 3T15
6 George Stallsworth (NE) 4T2 1T2 3T3 BYE T7 7T7 2T7 5T7
I physically added up the points on Gary Hinerman's score-sheet and got a different point total by one for both Wethington and Morehead.  Not sure if he added wrong, or entered their head-to-head results incorrectly. The final standings were unaffected, so I guess I will just use the referee's standings as given (20/14 pts for these two) for reporting and standings. - RCB

Gary Hinerman's Original Score-Sheet

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