Kentucky Open Checker Tournament

Oct. 13-15, 2006  in LaQuinta Inn, 1751 Lexington Rd., Richmond, KY. 

There will be a total of 8 rounds of two games per round, 2 hours per round.  Starting time is 4 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13.  There will be 2 rounds Friday and Sunday and 4 rounds Saturday.   The La Quinta Inn is furnishing the playing room free based on 15 players taking rooms at the motel;  Rooms rent $49.95 plus tax per day.  For reservations, call 859-623-9121 (Do not use the 800 number.)  Advise the reservation clerk that this is for the Kentucky Checker Ty and the block of 15 rooms is reserved as the, "Brattin, Donald" block.  These rooms will be held until Oct. 7th. Cracker Barrel Old country Store and Restaurant is adjacent to motel.  Free continental breakfast and swimming pool.  Click To See Map

For more info, please contact Don Brattin at 859-986-9711.
Submitted by Leon Creek


Congratulations Alex - Masters, Jonathan - KY State Champion, and Ken - Majors

Mr. Leon Creek runs a fine tournament and thanks to Mr. Don Brattin for helping him in referee duties. Also thanks to Mrs. Brattin for providing excellent food (Refreshments and hot lunch were wonderful) for the players to consume while the tournament progressed. The LaQuinta is an excellent hotel to host the tournament and the playing room is excellent as well. I had a great time and nice to see many familiar faces this past week-end.  We had two very special welcome guests - Mr.Ian & Mrs Joan Caws from England. The youngest player - Alex Holmes, 7 years, and  92 years, oldest - Mr. Earl Harvell.   Sincerely: Alan Millhone, President - American Checker Federation

Kentucky Open Checker Tournament, Oct. 13-15, 2006 in LaQuinta Inn, Richmond, KY.



Name  State

Points/H Pts Comments
1 Alex Moiseyev  OH  24 Tournament Masters Winner
2 Jonathan Chappell KY 22 New Kentucky State Champion
3 Gene Lindsay  TN 21  
4 Michael Holmes  KY 18  
5 Robert L Shuffett KY 15  
6 Alan Millhone  OH 10  
7 Joan Caws  England 9  


Name   State

Points/H Pts Comments
1 Ken Shultz   TN     20     148 Tournament Majors Winner
2 Byron Wollum   KY     20     142  
3 Jim Stokes   VA     20     128  
4 Earl Harvell   TX      20     123 oldest player
5 Ian Caws   England     19     132  
6 Jerry Askins  KY     18  
7 Gary Wilson   KY      16  
8 Arthur Mays   KY     12 withdrew after 6th round
9 Shelby Mays   KY     10  
10 Alex Holmes  KY          3 youngest player


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