2006 Arthur Niederhoffer National Youth Tournament
The Arthur Niederhoffer National youth tournament will be held June 17th - 18th , 2006

in Traveler's Choice, Medina, Ohio . The "Arthur Niederhoffer" National Youth Tournament will be held the preceding weekend on June 17 & 18 at the Traveler's Choice Hotel, Medina, Ohio. The youth tournament will be directed by Kim Willis. There will be two youth divisions, with entry fees of $25/$5. The top division is for ages 16-21 and those under 16 who want to play for the National Youth Title. The winner of this division will be declared National Youth Champion, and the top two places will qualify for upcoming World Youth Championship. The second division is for less experienced youth. I do not have a prize distribution at this time for the Youth Tournament, but, for comparison, $755 ($300 to first) was awarded last year.

The format will consist of 8 rounds of 3-move restriction using the Game Point system; ACF Membership will be required to enter, and players in the top division will be required to record games (Game sheets provided). Registration is Saturday, June 17, from 8 am to 8:45 am followed by a short meeting for rules & pairings, with play beginning immediately after. Players will have 2 hours per round with 1 hour for lunch break each day.

See The National Tournament Event on Calendar entry for further hotel and area information.

For more information please contact Kim Willis at 573-392-8941, or vincomomma@yahoo.com 


Trey Stanley, an eleven year old from Greensboro, NC wins National Youth Checker Championship twice in a row, and Ryan Pronk wins Junior!

Congratulations Ryan Pronk!

Congratulations Trey Stanley!

I received results from Kim for the Niederhoffer youth event.

  Niederhoffer Youth      
No. Player Points Prize Money    
1 Ryan Pronk 25 $300.00    
2 Corey Modich 15 $200.00    
3 Paul Bryan 13 $100.00    
4 Josh Armstorng 11 $50.00    
    $650.00 SubTotal  
Younger Group        
1 Trey Stanley  26 $65.00    
2 Alex Holmes 24 $40.00    
3 Solomon Reece 19 $30.00    
4 Forest Reece 10 $20.00    
5 Erin Stanley 9 $20.00    
    $175.00 SubTotal  
    $825.00 SumTotal  
Solomon & Forest Reece (age 7 & 9) are grandsons of Alan Millhone

received from Richard Beckwith 7/07/06
Results of "Arthur Niederhoffer" ACF National Youth Tournament      
June 17 & 18, 2006 Medina Ohio, Traveler's Choice Hotel    
Director:  Kim Willis            
      Double round-robin plus 2 rounds Swiss 2-game rounds
Youth (21 and under) Points Prize        
1 Ryan Pronk (AZ) 25 300        
2 Corey Modich (MI) 15 200        
3 Paul Bryan (OH) 13 100        
4 Josh Armstrong (AL) 11 50        
  Total     650        
Youth (16 and under), 3-move  round-robin plus 3 rounds Swiss   2-game rounds
#     Points Prize        
1 Trey Stanley (NC) 26 65        
2 Alex Holmes (KY) 24 40        
3 Solomon Reece (OH) 19 30        
4 Forest Reece (OH) 10 20        
5 Erin Stanley (NC) 9 20        
  Total     175        

Official Score-Sheets

Ryan Pronk and Corey Modich, both have been endorsed to play in the next World Youth Tournament.
I know it is their intent to bring the World Youth Title back to the USA.

2006 National Tournament

June 19, 2006 - Medina County Gazette - "Jumping into the action"

2006 Tournament Dates