2006 National Tournament in Medina, Ohio

   "Edward A. Bruch 2006 3-Move National" 

Ed Bruch - East Amherst, NY

The ACF National Tournament will be held June 19th - 24th , 2006

in Traveler's Choice Hotel, Medina, Ohio. Date are June 19-24 for the National tournament (with Masters finishing on 24th). Referee for the National tournament will be Don Brattin and Leon Creek. Entry fees will be $50 (Masterís) / $30 (Majors) / $20 (Minors). ACF Membership required to enter all divisions, and may be paid at registration. Registration will take place Monday morning from 8:30-10:30 followed by a business meeting. All divisions will play eight four-game rounds. All divisions will play one round Monday. The Majors and Minors will play 2 rounds (6 hour limit per round) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, followed by the final round on Friday. The masters will play one-and-a-half rounds Tuesday through Friday, with the final round on Saturday. Masters will have an 8-hour limit per round.

This will be a three-move restriction event using 156-opening deck and Swiss system. Recording of games and time clocks will be used in the Masters group. (Players in other divisions are welcome to do the same, but optional). Clocks and score-sheets will be provided. Masters will use a tough deck consisting of 80 openings if the round is still tied after the first two games. The Masters will use the traditional round scoring. The Majors and Minors will play 4-game rounds, scoring by game (2 points for each win, 1 point for each draw).

Official ACF ratings (at time of registration) will be used as a guide to placing entrants into the appropriate division (Masters, Majors, or Minors). The ratings cutoffs for Masters/Majors/Minors are 2300 and 1950. The gray areas are 2250-2300 and 1900-1950. That is, players with a rating of 2300 and higher will enter the Master division. Players with ratings of 1950-2250 will be placed in the Majors, and entrants with a rating of 1900 and lower shall enter the Minors. Players are welcome to play up one division for the challenge and to try for higher prize money.  Winners of the Minors/Majors division of the last 3 Nationals must also move up a division.

Tournament Donations are most welcome and may be sent to Richard Beckwith at 34490 Ridge Road # 114, Wiloughby, OH 44094.  A copy of the select games will be given to contributors of at least $10.00.  Paypal donations can be made under ACF Store under donations/ACF Tournament Fund Donation.

The Travelerís Choice Hotel is located on I-71 between Columbus and Cleveland (closer to Cleveland) and is less than a two hours drive from our 2005 Dublin venue. The hotel is located on the northeast corner of the Exit 218 interchange with state highway 18. Go east ľ-mile, and the hotel is on the left. (Need to do some type of a U-turn at the light to get around the median.)

The Travelerís Choice has many guestrooms. They will also offer a daily complimentary breakfast, which they donít normally do for their other patrons. The rate on the sleeping rooms will be $33.00 plus tax. Phone number 330-725-4571 or e-mail Jeff at Bw36067@aol.com  with type of room, dates, etc. The hotel contains a bar and outdoor swimming pool. See the National Ty Announcement in the February ACFB for details about hotel, map, and transportation. Visitor information is also found at WWW.visitmedinacountry.com 

Nearby Attractions:

Many restaurants are located at this interchange, including within walking distance --Dairy Queen, Cracker Barrel, Bob Evans, Waffle House, Buffalo Wild Wings, Alexanderís (a great find!), Louís Landing Grill and more. A large antique mall is nearby. The Lodi outlet mall and Strongsville mall are both 15 minutes away by interstate.

Cleveland has many attractions, including Lake Erie, Jacobís Field, Tower City, Rock ĎN Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Zoo, Great Lakes Science Center, Playhouse Square, Geauga Lake Amusement Park, and the John G. White chess & checker collection at the Cleveland Public Library.

Just friendly remind you folks: the overall winner of ACF National Youth Tournament 2006 will be awarded by personalize numbered copy of SIXTH (I already reserved this number) which is worthy of $75. I will sign book on Sunday after the Youth tournament unless I know the name of nominee Laughing

At this point, there is a good chance that someone may get two personalize copies of SIXTH !

Regards, Alex

Airport Transportation to Medina

Airport Direct Transportation (440) 479-1515
$55 (with tax) per trip from Cleveland Hopkins airport to Medina. $65 from Akron-Canton airport to Medina.

Ace Taxi (216) 361-4700
$54 from Cleveland Hopkins airport to Medina, or $95 roundtrip.

I also contacted Hopkins Shuttle service (in airport terminal). Medina is not on their regular route, and cost is $80 (1-6 people) one-way.

Unfortunately, the airport situation is not ideal for those who wish to fly, since Medina is in another county. I may be able to assist with rides for a few travelers who arrive on the weekend. (contact me at email beckwith24@msn.com or 34490 Ridge Road #115, Willoughby, OH 44094 and we can discuss).

Donations are most welcome and may be sent to Alan Millhone or R. Beckwith. A copy of the select games will be given to contributors of at least $10 (or $15 will get you the youth tournament games too.) Paypal donations can be made under ACF Store under Donations/ACF Tournament Fund Donation.

Prize Fund for the 2006 National, by Richard Beckwith:

Below is the proposed prize distribution for this year's 2006 National in Medina, Ohio.  As an example, I am assuming twenty players in each division, and that half the places (including ties for the last money place) will finish in the money.  The number of money positions will be extended beyond ten places if there are more than 20 players in a division.  The model assumes a prize fund of $7,000.00.  The final prize fund total is not known at this time, so the above numbers are open to adjustment, up or down.

Position Masters Majors Minors Junior Youth
1 $1,220.00 $600.00 $320.00 $300.00 $65.00
2 $820.00 $400.00 $215.00 $200.00 $40.00
3 $610.00 $300.00 $160.00 $100.00 $30.00
4 $405.00 $200.00 $105.00 $50.00 $20.00
5 $300.00 $145.00 $80.00   $20.00
6 $200.00 $95.00 $55.00    
7 $150.00 $70.00 $40.00    
8 $120.00 $60.00 $30.00    
9 $100.00 $50.00 $25.00    
10 $75.00 $40.00 $20.00    
Total $4,000.00 $1,960.00 $1,050.00 $650.00 $175.00


For more information please contact Richard Beckwith at 1-440-516-1284.

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep

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