South Carolina Open Checker Tournament (Turbo & GAYP)  

The South Carolina Open State Checker Tournament will be held
June 16th - 18th , 2006

in Lander University in Greenwood, SC. This is a 3 day tournament (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).  We have brochures and will be happy to send some out to you if you will let us know names and addresses.  Also please let us know if there are any other checker groups that you know of that we can send a brochures.  We are still working on the prize money but it looks like it will be BIG! 

Friday, June 16th -- National Turbo Championship (Register 9 a.m., Centennial Hall, Play at 10 a.m.)
Saturday, June 17th -- State GAYP Tournament (Register 9 a.m., Centennial Hall, Play at 10 a.m.)
Sunday, June 18th -- State GAYP finals (begin at 10 a.m.)

Centennial Hall is located on corner of Sproles and Barksdale

Entry fees (Turbo): $25 dollars adult, youth (16 and under) free
Entry fees (GAYP): $25 dollars adult (SC resident); non-resident $150 (Master), $125 (Major) or $100 (minor); all youth (16 and under) free

Great cash prizes available. A brochure is available below to download a copy for registration and accommodations.

For more information please contact Joe Redd (864-369-1415) or Tommy Martin (864-369-2660)

2006 SC TY Brochure - (information & details)

Thanks, Connie & Stan Brown or email

Submitted By: Connie Brown



Dr. Dan Ball wins tournament & Crowned 2006 South Carolina Champion
(second year in a row)

2006 Tournament Dates