2007 GAYP National Bid Results

The 2007 ACF GAYP National Tournament bid has been awarded to Las Vegas with a bid of $5000 by Gerry Lopez and John Gibson on behalf of the California Checker Association. The date and hotel are to be determined, but the hotel will probably be the Plaza or possibly Four Queens. A second bid of $3000 was received for Marion, IL, but for only a three-day National. Thanks to those who worked hard to submit bids!

Editing is (finally) complete on Alex Moiseyev’s Select Games from the 2006 National, and the package looks great! This work is 80 pages and looks like a sequel to Sixth.

The 2004 I-D book by Jim Loy is available through Jim and will be added to ACF Store.

Forbes.com has posted an article about game strategy, including a brief feature on checkers (with some extremely simplified strategy). Go to...
and skip the welcome screen, click on the “In Pictures…” box on the left side, and scroll past the chess page.

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep

2007 Tournament Dates