2007 Long Island Checker Championship


June 30th at the Long Beach Boardwalk on Long Island


This event will be hosted by world famous Bodybuilder and TV personality Dan Lurie. Now 84 years of age, Dan Lurie is a muscular icon who was a physical fitness pioneer of his time. Named 3 times America's Most Muscular Man, Dan is also a former New York State Checkers Champion and an avid fan of the game. In promotion of such, he has recently created the slogan "DEVELOP THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR BODY, YOUR BRAIN" and to that end he will host the Long Island Checker Championship on June 30th in New York. The event will take place on the Long Beach Boardwalk on Long Island. Long Beach is a beautiful and bustling beach town easily accessible from all major roads and just a 25 minute train ride from New York City. I would like to invite all Checkers enthusiasts to take part in this exciting tournament. Over $1,000 in prizes. For more information about Dan Lurie, please visit www.danlurie.com.

June 30th, 12PM
Long Beach Boardwalk at Riverside Drive
Long Beach, New York
$10 Entry Fee
T-shirts and Trophy's for all
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Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2007 6:55 pm    Post subject: Re: New York Tournament - June 30th on Long Island $$$PRIZES - by Josh Armstrong

Good tournament, played in an elimination style, a couple ACF members came...the district 2 manager, former NY state champion and the current NJ state champion.  Single Elimination Play.  There were about 16 players and the top two players were: K. Jolt winning the final round 2-0 vs Alexander Weaver to take the tournament.
Jimmy O'Grady the current district 2 manager was also there, he placed fourth.

1.) K. Jolt
2.) Alexander Weaver

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