2007 North Carolina Open

The 2007 North Carolina Open Checker Tournament
will be held at The River Lodge & Palomino Motel on
May 18th & 19th, 2007

The Elbert L. Lowder Memorial Tourney

Directions: Take US #1-15-501 Bypass South Sanford, NC
Palomino Motel 1-800-641-6060 Special Checker Rates: $35.00 Double Bed

Registration: 9:00-10:00A.M | Play Begins at 10:00 | Registration Fee $15.00

3-Move Restriction Style of Play-Swiss Style Play -  8 rounds of 2 hour per 2 game rounds
Four Rounds on Friday & Four Rounds on Saturday
Scoring each game as 2 points for Win - 1 point for Draw - 3 points for Bye
Finish position determined by score points, then honor points
Tim Laverty - Scorekeeper & Referee

for more information call Tim Laverty at 919-356-6755 or

"If you're married, this is one checker event your wife will enjoy."
Let’s Have A Wonderful NC State Checker Tournament!

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NC Open Checker Tournament is always scheduled on the 1st Fri-Sat after Mother's Day (2nd Sunday in May)

This is the 117th continuous State Tournament, excluding WWII years '43-'44-'45

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