2007 Official National Score Sheets:

2007 ACF "Victor Niederhoffer" National Youth Tournament            
LAS  VEGAS                
July 21,22, 2007                
IDS     PLAYERS              
101069 3435 1 Paul Bryan 4T3 3T5 2T6 4T7 3T9 2T11 2T12
101242 3495 2 Kevin Burks 3T1 4T3 1T6 3T8 4T9 1T11 1T14
106006 3551 3 Shane McCosker 2T3 1T5 4T8 2T10 1T12 4T14 4T16
101063 3295 4 Ryan Pronk 1T1 2T3 3T4 1T7 2T10 3T12 3T14
    1 Calvin Cardie 6T2 5T2 4T4 3T4 2T4 BYE T7 3T7
  2 Colton Cardie 5T2 3T6 6T10 4T14 1T18 5T18 5T22
    3 Conrad Cardie 4T4 2T4 5T6 1T10 6T13 4T17 1T21
101245   4 Forest Reece 3T0 6T2 1T4 2T4 5T4 3T4 BYE T7
101244   5 Solomon Reece 2T2 1T6 3T8 6T12 4T16 2T20 2T20
  6 Jonathan Sargis 1T2 4T4 2T4 5T4 WITHDREW…..  
      All players are US, except Shane (Northern Ireland)        


MINORS  ACF NATIONAL     July 23-27, 2007                    
  LAS  VEGAS                          
        ROUND-ROBIN, BY GAME                  


      RD1 RD2 RD3 RD4 RD5 RD6 RD7 RD8 RD9 RD10 RD11 RD12 RD13
WCDF ACF   PLAYERS                          
    1 Steve Blackshear BYET3 13T5 12T8 11T12 10T13 9T16 8T20 7T21 6T23 5T23 4T24 3T25 28
  2 John Cardie 13T1 11T1 9T2 WITH-- DREW---                
  3 Gilberto Cisneros 12T3 10T5 8T9 6T12 4T16 19 13T21 11T23 9T27 7T31 5T35 1T38 BYET41
  4 Saul Fenster  11T0 9T1 7T3 5T6 3T6 BYET9 12T10 10T10 8T13 6T13 1T16 19 13T21
101275 3554 5 Sol Kaplan 10T0 8T1 6T1 4T2 5 13T5 11T5 9T5 7T5 1T9 3T9 BYET12 12T13
101155 3354 6 Francesco LaRocca 9T3 7T6 5T10 3T11 BYET14 12T18 10T18 8T22 1T24 4T28 31 13T35 11T38
101279 3557 7 Nico Pradenas 8T4 6T5 4T7 10 13T12 11T16 9T20 1T23 5T26 3T26 BYET29 12T33 10T34
101264 3546 8 Ray Shelly 7T0 5T3 3T3 BYET6 12T9 10T9 1T9 6T9 4T10 13 13T15 11T17 9T17
101277 3555 9 Paul Stein 6T1 4T4 2T7 13T7 11T7 1T8 7T8 5T12 3T12 BYET15 12T17 10T17 8T21
  10 Eric Strange 5T4 3T6 BYET9 12T13 1T16 8T20 6T24 4T28 31 13T35 11T37 9T41 7T44
101280 3469 11 Alex Weaver 4T4 2T8 13T9 1T9 9T13 7T13 5T17 3T19 BYET22 12T24 10T26 8T28 6T29
101149 3176 12 Kim Willis 3T1 BYET4 1T5 10T5 8T6 6T6 4T9 12 3T13 11T15 9T17 7T17 5T20
101091 3265 13 Wilma Wolverton 2T3 1T5 11T8 9T12 7T14 5T18 3T20 BYET23 12T26 10T26 8T28 6T28 4T30
Note:  John Cardie withdrew, and remainder of his opponents were awarded 3 points (round-robin)                


2007 GAYP Nationals     MAJORS                        
July 23-27                                
        by game   Round-robin                  
Plaza Hotel                                


WCDF ACF   Player                            
        RD1 RD2 RD3 RD4 RD5 RD6 RD7 RD8 RD9 RD10 RD11 RD12 RD13
101242 3495 1 Kevin Burks   BYET3 13T7 12T11 11T13 10T15 9T17 8T21 7T22 6T26 5T29 4T33 3T37 2T39
105054 3506 2 Tom Canning   13T0 11T2 9T5 7T7 5T9 3T11 BYET14 12T16 10T17 8T20 6T22 4T24 1T26
101074 1054 3 Al Darrow   12T4 10T6 8T7 6T10 4T13 2T15 13T18 11T18 9T20 7T21 5T23 1T23 BYET26
101278 3556 4 R Ferguson   11T1 9T3 7T5 5T8 3T9 BYET12 12T13 10T15 8T17 6T19 1T19 2T21 13T22
101182 2347 5 J Gibson   10T2 8T4 6T6 4T7 2T9 13T10 11T10 9T11 7T14 1T15 3T17 BYET20 12T22
101137 1088 6 Wade Holder   9T2 7T4 5T6 3T7 BYET10 12T12 10T12 8T16 1T16 4T18 2T20 13T23 11T25
101172 2369 7 Paul Lyons   8T3 6T5 4T7 2T9 13T11 11T12 9T12 1T15 5T16 3T19 BYET22 12T25 10T27
101123 3379 8 Hollis Mcclard   7T1 5T3 3T6 BYET9 12T9 10T11 1T11 6T11 4T13 2T14 13T14 11T18 9T21
101139 2451 9 Warren Meacham   6T2 4T4 2T5 13T7 11T7 1T9 3T13 5T16 3T18 BYET21 12T23 10T24 8T25
101128 3217 10 Bob Murr   5T2 3T4 BYET7 12T8 1T10 8T12 6T16 4T18 2T21 13T24 11T26 9T29 7T31
101150 3460 11 Jimmy O'Grady   4T3 2T5 13T8 1T10 9T14 7T17 5T21 3T25 BYET28 12T32 10T34 8T34 6T36
  3578 12 Billy Runge   3T0 BYET3 1T3 10T6 8T10 6T12 4T15 2T17 13T19 11T19 9T21 7T22 5T24
101144 2246 13 Ken Shultz   2T4 1T4 11T5 9T7 7T9 5T12 3T13 BYET16 12T18 10T19 8T23 6T24 4T27


2007 MASTERS   ACF  NATIONAL TOURNAMENT July 23-27, 2007                    
LAS  VEGAS                          
        by game   Swiss                  
IDS     PLAYERS                          
WCDF ACF     RD1 RD2 RD3 RD4 RD5 RD6 RD7 RD8 RD9 RD10 RD11 RD12 RD13
101008 2580 1 Richard Beckwith 6T3 10T5 12T7 2T9 15T11 4T13 3T16 17T18 9T20 8T22 11T26 17T28 8T29
101021 1028 2 Anthony Bishop 13T2 12T3 14T7 1T9 10T9 9T10 6T11 BYET14 16T17 11T20 5T22 7T22 11T25
101069 3435 3 Paul Bryan 4T3 9T6 17T6 15T7 16T10 5T12 1T13 14T16 8T17 BYET20 12T22 11T24 6T27
103002 3039 4 Jack Francis 3T1 6T3 13T5 8T6 14T10 1T12 11T15 10T17 12T19 5T21 17T23 BYET26 15T28
101003 2804 5 Richard Hallet 10T2 8T4 11T8 12T8 9T10 3T12 13T13 16T17 17T19 4T21 2T23 6T25 BYE T28
101020 2952 6 Michael Holmes 1T1 4T3 15T4 16T8 8T9 13T11 2T14 11T17 7T17 14T20 BYET23 5T25 3T26
103001 2712 7 Ron King LATE entry     BYET3 16T7 14T11 13T14 6T18 12T20 8T22 2T26 13T28
  8 Lubabalo Kondlo 12T2 5T4 9T6 4T9 6T12 17T14 10T16 15T19 3T22 1T24 7T26 10T28 1T31
101007 1004 9 Gene Lindsay 14T3 3T4 8T6 13T8 5T10 2T13 17T15 12T17 1T19 10T21 16T25 15T28 10T30
106006 3551 10 Shane McCosker 5T2 1T4 16T8 17T10 2T14 12T16 8T18 4T20 15T22 9T24 13T26 8T28 9T30
101032 3215 11 Alan Millhone 16T4 17T4 5T4 14T7 13T10 15T12 4T13 6T14 BYET17 2T18 1T18 3T20 2T20
101002 2748 12 J Morrison 8T2 2T5 1T7 5T11 17T13 10T15 15T17 9T19 4T21 7T23 3T25 13T27 17T28
101010 3254 13 Clayton Nash 2T2 15T4 4T6 9T8 11T9 6T11 5T14 7T15 14T19 17T22 10T24 12T26 7T28
101237 3534 14 Anatoly Rayevsky 9T1 16T1 2T1 11T2 4T2 BYET5 7T5 3T6 13T6 6T7 15T7 16T9 16T9
101006 1007 15 Joe Schwartz 17T1 13T3 6T6 3T9 1T11 11T13 12T15 8T16 10T18 16T21 14T25 9T26 4T28
  16 Keith Weaver 11T0 14T4 10T4 6T4 3T5 7T5 BYET8 5T8 2T9 15T10 9T10 14T12 14T15
101015 1002 17 John Webster 15T3 11T7 3T11 10T13 12T15 8T17 9T19 1T21 5T23 13T24 4T26 1T28 12T31

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