2007 Nationals

  3rd Annual - Arthur Niedernoffer National GAYP Youth Tournament   

July 21st & 22nd before the GAYP Nationals at the Las Vegas Plaza Hotel

The ACF National Youth Tournament began at 11:00AM Pacific time this morning July 21, in Las Vegas. There were a total of 10 entries, 4 in the 16-21 age group who are: Ryan Pronk-AZ, Shane McCosker (Ireland), Kevin Burks-VA, and Paul Bryan-OH.  Pronk, and McCosker are 21 or near that and will have aged out by next year which leaves only Paul Bryan and Kevin Burks legible to play next year. There were 6 entries in the 11 and under group: Forest and Solomon Reece (grandsons of Alan Millhone), Calvin, Conrad, and Colton Cardie (grandsons of John Cardie), and Jonathon Sargis (age 4).

 Shane McCosker

Ryan Pronk

Kevin Burks

Paul Bryan

16-21 Division Final Results:
Name    -      City, State  



Cash    Comments

1 Shane McCosker - Northern Ireland  16

$3,000     Wins Tournament        

2 Ryan Pronk - Scottsdale, AZ  14/88

$1,000     US Nat'l GAYP Youth Champ      

3 Kevin Burks - Hurt, VA  14/84

$   500     (Pronk & Burks split $1,500)

4 Paul Bryan - Marengo, OH (only player legible next yr.)   12

$   300

Ryan Pronk indicated he would retire as US National Youth Champion and possibly not play tournament checkers until he finished his double major university endeavors.  All Youth Division players received cash, trophies, and certificates                      Youth Cash Prize $4,800.00

11 and under - Younger Results:
Name    -      City, State  



Cash    Comments

1 Colton Cardie - Arvada, CO 22

$60    US Nat'l GAYP Younger Champ        

2 Conrad Cardie - Arvada, CO 21


3 Solomon Reece - Belpre, OH 20


4 Calvin Cardie - Arvada, CO 7


5 Forest Reece - Belpre, OH 7


6 Jonathan Sargis - Las Vegas, NV 4

$20      withdrew after 4th Rd        

All Younger Division players received cash, trophies, and certificates                         Younger Cash $190.00     Total Cash Prize $4,990.00

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