2008 "Gene Lindsay Memorial" 3-Move National  

The "Gene Lindsay Memorial" 3-Move National will be held
July 21st & 25th 2008 (Monday thru Friday)

Notice the announcement change... Masters finish on Friday. 

The 2008 “Gene Lindsay” ACF National 3-move Tournament will be held in Las Vegas at "The VEGAS CLUB" Hotel in downtown Las Vegas (across the street from the Plaza) on (Monday thru Friday) July 21 through 25 (Masters will also finish on 25th). In order to finish on Friday, the Masters will play one two-game round Monday (scored by round) followed by a four-game round.  The remaining 6 rounds will be played Tuesday through Friday, 6 games (1.5 rounds) a day, using traditional round scoring. This will be a three-move restriction event using 156-opening deck and Swiss system. Recording of games and time clocks will be used in the Master’s group. Clocks and score-sheets will be provided. (Players in other divisions are welcome to do the same, but optional). Masters will use a tough deck consisting of 80 openings if the round is tied after the first two games for Rounds 2-8. The Majors and Minors will play 8 four-game rounds, scoring by game (2 points for each win, 1 point for each draw), with one round Monday & Friday, and 2 rounds Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Entry fees will be $50 (Master’s) / $30 (Majors) / $20 (Minors). ACF Membership is required to enter all divisions, and may be paid at registration.

The "Arthur Niederhoffer" National Youth Tournament (for 21 and under) will take place (Saturday & Sunday) July 19 & 20, 2008 in Vegas Club, Las Vegas.  Event is for youth 21 and under..

Donations to our National tournament are welcome, and a donation of at least $20 will earn you a copy of annotated select games. Donations can go to Alan Millhone or Rich Beckwith, or to ACF Store / Donations/ ACF Tournament Fund Donation OR /ACF National Youth Tournament at http://www.usacheckers.com.

Non-announcement comments… I personally thank Gerry Lopez who submitted the only bid (for $2000) to ACF by the Dec. 31 deadline. I suspect some players may have hoped for a venue east of the Mississippi, but no one submitted a bid for this region.

Also, Gerry’s District 9 tournament will be played on July 27 & 28, (Sunday & Monday) so players may wish to consider supporting that event as well.

Players can send pledges to Gerry Lopez, ACF Rep. at: 41858 Corte Selva, Temecula, Ca. 92591. Phone # (951) 695-2499. Email: Prof237@netzero.net or to ACF Store / Donations/ ACF Tournament Fund Donation OR /ACF National Youth Tournament at www.usacheckers.com.

All pledges will be acknowledged in the ACF Bulletin.
Our National Tournament honoree this year is Gene Lindsay. He was a past ACF Treasurer and frequent International Match Player, who placed 4th at the 2007 GAYP National. He recently left a large endowment to several checker organizations, and was a friend to many.

"The VEGAS CLUB" in downtown Las Vegas (across the street from the Plaza) will be the venue for this year's 3 move National from July 21 thru 25. Rates have gone up in Las Vegas this year but we were able to get a special room rate of only $29 (plus tax, Sun - Thurs) and $55 (plus tax, Fri & Sat). These are still excellent rates for a strip hotel.  There is a $15 per weekday differential for players.  So, players will need to provide an additional $75 per player at registration, as the hotel will not collect this for us.  Any non-playing guests with separate rooms will only have to pay $29 plus tax for weekdays total for players at the Vegas Club. Also Friday and Saturday rates for July 18, 19 and for July 25, 26 will be only $55. That's a great deal! Two players can share a room and cut the already low room rate by half. We have booked 40 rooms so players should get in their reservations before June 15th to make sure they take advantage of the special rate. To make your reservation, call the central reservation #1-800-634-6575 and tell them you want to place your reservation at the VEGAS CLUB (not the Plaza) and make sure to mention the American Checker Federation special rate. We expect this event to attract the best players in the world. There will be three divisions as usual: Masters, Majors, Minors.  Regarding the call-in number 1-800-634-6575, note that the Plaza Hotel handles the room reservations for the Vegas Club, which does not have their own reservations line (same owner for both hotels). Gerry Lopez has bargained good rates for us, and he was the only one who offered a National bid. Gerry tells me this will be his last Las Vegas bid, so please consider supporting what will probably conclude the “Las Vegas era” in checkers.

For the first time ever the National will be followed by the 9th. District Open (the Western States Championship) which will take place on Sunday, July 27 and Monday July 28 and perhaps July 29 if a playoff is needed for the championship. All three events will take place at the Vegas Club. Let's all try to make this one of the biggest Nationals ever to show people that checkers is a thriving game. Players have asked about the price of food in Las Vegas. Las Vegas, one of the top tourist attractions in the world, is without a doubt the least expensive attraction in the world when it comes to food. In downtown Las Vegas you can eat a buffet luncheon fit for a king for $8. For those on a tight budget there are plenty of fast food restaurants in the area. Food is inexpensive because the hotels want to attract players to their gambling tables so we can thank the gamblers for the lowest food prices in the world at a great tourist attraction, Bon appetite!” -----Gerry Lopez

Richard Beckwith, ACF Player Rep.

by Gerry Lopez

    When tourists cross the border from San Diego into Tijuana, Mexico, to go shopping, the favorite expression of the store vendors as the tourists go by is "almost free".  Las Vegas, one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in the world is probably the least expensive of them all.  A $30 room is Las Vegas will cost about $300 in London or Tokyo.  You can spend big bucks in London, Tokyo, or Paris or other tourist attractions for meals.  In Las Vegas meals cost less than in any other tourist attraction in the world.  At the Plaza a great buffet dinner costs less than $8.  Friends have told me that they've spent $40 to $60 for similar dinners abroad.  Las Vegas has amazing sights in and out of the city if one has the time to enjoy them.  Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire are two surprising places to visit close to the Las Vegas.  The billion $ buildings in Vegas are a must to see.  For those who have the time, I recommend that you try to enjoy the fantastic sights.  Gerry Lopez, former Vegas guide.  P.S. - A room for two for your family is only $29 from Sunday thru Thursday, July 20 thru 24.  Just mention the checkers special rate.

by Gerry Lopez

    Our biggest event of the year is always the U.S. Championship.  Unfortunately, games are usually considered worthwhile or important if they have a decent prize fund.  Prize funds for checkers have been laughed at in the past by outsiders because of the small prize funds for some of our National events.  We can definitely improve the image of checkers and interest in the game if all checker players contributes $10 or more for our National.  This year, to encourage contributions, each player who contributes $10 or more will receive a copy of 50 selected games of the championship event.  We can have a good prize fund if every player who can afford $10 helps out.   All contributions will be credited in the American Checker Federation Bulletin and on the ACF Forum website.  Please send your donation of pledge to Gerry Lopez, ACF Rep., 41858 Corte Selva, Temecula, CA 92591 or prof237@netzero.net  Any questions, call Gerry  (951) 695-2499.  The above has been approved by Alan Millhone, President ACF. 

Pledges so far: 1. Wilma Wolverton  2. Alan Millhone  3. Solomon Millhone  4. Forest Millhone  5. George Stallsworth  6. Bob Murr  7. Dick Fortman  8. Rich Beckwith  9. Paul Stein  10. Nico Pradenas  11. Gerry Lopez  12. John Webster  13. Sol Fenster   14. John Gibson   15. Al Darrow  16. Bob Finchum  17. Ken Schultz  18. Ken Christian  19. California Checker Association  20. Nery Cardenas  21. Howard Gain  22. Paul Morris  23. Jim Loy  24. Frank Jacobo  25. Sal Cicero  26. Louis Cowie   27. Bob Newell  28. J.R. Smith  29. Todd Stewart  30. Mac Banks  31. Lisle Cormier  32. Ken Shoesmith (Can.)  33. Leonard Hickman    34. C.W. Nuss  35. Jim Morrison  36. Bert Zymet  37. Dr. Robert Shuffett  38. Richard Vanderwert  39. Clyde Noll   40. Cory Modich   41. Gene Ellison   42. Ted Williamson   43. Paul Lyons   44. Joe Schwartz.
Please add your name to help our game.  Support your game by adding to the list.  Send your pledge by mail, email, or phone to Gerry Lopez, address above.

Orbits has flight out of GSO-LAS (round trip1 person $192, 238, 244, 314  total tax & fees) continues to increase closer to dates. Or log on  Northwestern or Continental Airlines. Remember to reserve your Vegas Club room by June 15th (actually you should schedule flights early as possible to save on flight tickets)


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