2008 Omaha, NE City Open Championship
Saturday, May 17th 2008
Old Country Buffet, 7540 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE

Ramon Dionisio, Chicago, IL is the winner of the 2008 Ohama, NE City Open Tournament


Dave Stovie, NCA President, congratulates John Butler for being the 2008 Omaha City Champion

Backrow Left to Right: Al Kopko, Ramon Dionisio, Hugh Hawkins, Rev. E. C. Oliver, Front Left to Right: Bobby Carley, John Butler, Dave Stovie, Darl Stoderbeck, Roger Stovie, Carolyn Kay, Jim Albin, Calvin Lathan


    The tournament announcement and the results was run in the Omaha World-Herald.




2008 Omaha City 3-Move Tournament

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