2008 Pool Checkers National Tournament  

The APCA 42nd Annual Pool Checkers National Tournament will be held July 13th - 20th , 2008
presented by the Homan Sq. Pool Checkers & Chess Club of Chicago

in Holiday Inn - Chicago-Countryside-Lagrange.
6201 Joliet Road, Countryside, IL. 60525-3958
708-354-4200 Ex-585 - Group Code APA - Fax 708-639-9212
Rates: $89.00 + 11% Tax = $98.79 - Per Night
(2 free hot breakfasts per room each morning. Type of rooms - 2 queens beds, smoking or non-smoking, kids under 18 free with accompanying adult; kids under 12 eat free with accompanying adult.)

Playing Divisions And Fees
Blue Ribbon-$50.00; Gold Bar $55.00; Jr. Master- $60.00
Masters- $65.00; Top Masters - $75.00
Players Not Affiliated With A Local APCA Club, Must Pay Double These Fees.
Note you can send your tournament entry fees (make check payable to APCA) to:
Roger Blaine, APCA Treasurer
P.O. Box 353, Osceola IN 46561

For more information please contact Stoney Burke - President   Call him at Work - 312-983-8765; Cell - 312-914-3754;
E-Mail: Aaron.w.Johnson@usps.gov.

An official head count as of 11:00AM is at 64.

13 top masters with Elton Williams being amongst the "crop."
10 masters
  9 Jr. Masters
12 Gold Bar
20 Blue Ribbon
It was also pointed out that last year's champion is on a roll.  He beat Clinton Thang two straight games = 8 points

View a TV News Video:  http://cbs2chicago.com/video/?id=46772@wbbm.dayport.com 

Thursday, July 17, 2008 11:19 AM
 Subject: [poolcheckers:3892] Re: 2008 APCA Tournament
 Look as if there is some serious challenges for the reigning APCA Champion:  Both Calvin Monroe and the reigning Champion have played 7 opponents with  Lambert having lost 1 game and Monroe having lost 2 games.  Both have 38 points.  The "kicker" in this division is Elton Williams who have played 8 opponents and lost no games.  He too has 38 points.
 It appears that Kim Williams has wrapped up the Jr. Masters division and will be moving onto the Masters division.
 Arthur "Moochie" McCarr has a chance to win the Master's division.  Eugene Hamption has finished playing all of his opponents and has a total of 50 points.  "Moochie" has 44 points with 2 more oppoints to play.  These two leads the flock and not other players can "catch" them.  BTW at this point (as of 11:18 eastern time) Moochie has not lost a game!!!!  The way to go "Moochie!"

"Moochie" did in fact... caught his man and won the Masters division, next year he will be playing with the "big boys."  Also he promised me a 10 game match on vog2 for the trophy that he will received for winning.

Posted: Thursday 9:53PM  The excitement of the 2008 tournament has risen to a new height.  The reigning champion, Al Lambert and Calvin Monroe are in a "Dead Heat."  Both are tired with 56 points with each having one opponent left to play, EACH OTHER!!!!
The two gladiators will play each other to decide who will be the APCA Champion for 2008-2009. 
The results of the tournament will be posted on a new site to be announced later.  Also TV clippings from the tournament will be posted there.  Hopefully, by Christmas, the kinks, wrinkles and other imperfections will be removed and the site will be unveiled

Women's Pool Tourney at 42nd Annual APCA National

July 19, 2008 - SOUTHTOWNStar -"Characters abound at checkers tournament"

The 2008 Annual Tournament Results have been posted to view click on the following hyperlink, http://americanpoolcheckers.us/apca/APCA%20Tournamen%20Resultst2008/2008%20APCA%20Tournament%20Results.html .

2008 Tournament Dates