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Elmer Cottle died 3/23/2008

picture of Glenn Cole

Gota visit online-museum-of-checkers-history

2008 "Gene Lindsay Memorial" 3-Move National

Laverty v Moiseyev 11-Man WTM

Burlington Open

Rocky Mountain Community Radio - Checkers

Beijing Olympic Checkers

"All About Checkers" DVD

Carolina Open May 16-17th

Scots Magazine Article on James Wyllie

McClintock's Greensboro Ty

Sanford Herald article about Tim Laverty

Colton Cardie - A Future Champion

Nebraska Checkers

Cleveland Public Library

Important ACF Membership Dues Announcement

Bobby Smith died 1/28/2008

Quinton T. East died 1/24/2008

Checker Club in the news

Bobby Fisher died 1/17/2008

2008 11-Man Ballot National  <>  2008 NC Open

Raymond Elliott died Dec 29th

Charles Lee Tice died Dec 20th

King vs Kondlo - WCM  <>  IMSA Checkers in Beijing

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