District 5 contains States: Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee - District Manager: Dallas Ramsey

 2009 Alabama Open & District 5  
  Basil Case Memorial 

The 2009 Alabama Open Checker Tournament will be held in Haleyville, AL
November 13th & 14th - Friday and Saturday at Imperial Inn Haleyville
( Usually scheduled 2nd weekend in November )

1250 11th Avenue, Haleyville AL 35565 (Special rate $39.95 + tax for DB)
205-486-5205  Russ Patel - Manager    Playing Room is in the Galley Restaurant at 1260 11th Ave.
205-486-9620. The Motel and Restaurant are beside each other so its a
short walk from your room to the tournament.

See you in Haleyville Alabama - Home of the first 911 call

More about this later!

HBTV 5 & HBTV.us - News will cover this Tournament!

Organizers: Larry Pollard & Dallas Ramsey - Tournament Director:  Larry Pollard, P.O. Box 187, Brilliant, AL. 35548 Telephone: 205-465-9189,
or 1-877-849-9359 Larry Pollard's Car Lot. PollardMotors@Yahoo.com cell: 205-412-3000 or contact Dallas at 334-385-2369 hogeye@pinebelt.net 

See MapQuest   10 hours - 580 miles from Greensboro to Haleyville, AL


2009 Tournament Dates