Cedarock Park  

 "Preserving Our Heritage Festival"

The Burlington Checker Club participated in the Alamance Co. Cedarock Park - "Preserving Our Heritage Festival" 
Saturday, August 22nd, 2009  10am - 4pm

Good Attendance - Everyone enjoy this fun, family-friendly event.

We were set-up beside the Alamance Beekeepers again this year and we were played checkers with the public and ourselves as the festival crowd began to peak, when a little past 11:00 am dark black clouds gather and then the bottom fell out, a thunderstorm with no lighten, maybe only once or twice miles away.  For about an hour it rained hard and the crowds left and a lot of the event participants and displays where leaving, then the Alamance Co. Cedarock Park officials announced the Festival was over.  We packed up and by then it had stopped raining.  Now about 1:30 pm we decided to play some more checkers at Burger King on US Hwy 49 (Maple Ave) in Graham, just past I-40/85 exit 145.

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