2009 Danish Open  

The Danish Open:  April 4th & 5th in Copenhagen 

Read more at www.draughts.dk  (click events)


The Danish Open will be held in Copenhagen during the weekend 4-5 of April. Anybody interested in participating is encouraged to get in touch with me. More information can be found on http://www.draughts.dk/ (click events). posted by Sune on ACF Forum 1/5/2009

Copenhagen, the royal capital of Denmark - The Danish Monarchy being the oldest in the World! The bridge opened in 2000, now connects Copenhagen and Malmö.  You can play checkers and vacation in two nations, Denmark & Sweden only 30 minutes apart.


Sune Thrane is The 2009 Danish Open Champion after defeating Steven Clauwaert 5-3-0
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2009 Tournament Dates