The English Open


  • Kildare Open at Naas over the weekend 21- 22 February, 2009   email John Reade


  • British & Irish Freestyle 18th-19th July in (Stonehaven Scotland)
    Held in the Town Hall Stonehaven  Entry fee 15


  • Scottish Open 20th - 24th July (Stonehaven Scotland)  email: "Graham Young"

  • Held in the Town Hall Stonehaven Entry fee 25

    To entry both will be 40.  If you playing in both can register & pay your entry fee before the 1st of July 2009 and get 10 off so that works out @ 30.    Or after the 1st of July you will have to pay the full 40.   Please contract: Graham Young / Colin Young, East Bendings, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB39 2XX.  E-mail, Tell 01569 740250  All cheques made pay able to the Aberdeen Draughts Club. If I have missed some out please forward tis e-mail on Thank you, Graham

    For details, please contact John Reade, 123 Andover Ave., Middleton, Manchester M24 1JQ, England.

    visit: English Draughts Association (EDA)  or email John Morgan:

    John Reade also publishes the Lancashire Newsletter a professional Checker/Draughts newsletter, features: news, calendar events/ty results, games, problems, and articles.  Newsletter is usually 10 pages and Air Mailed to the States for $20.00 year.
    John Reade, 123 Andover Ave., Middleton, Manchester M24 1JQ, England.   email:

    2009 Tournament Dates