75th Illinois 101 County Open Tournament
 held October 3rd - 4th, 2009 in mall in Marion, IL at the Illinois Centre Mall Food Court

Photos by Judy Grisley:

















Row 1, L to R:  Jennifer Kelton, IL  Ramon Dionisio, IL  Alex Holmes, IN  Ethan Evans, IL  John Acker, OH  Howard Hoover, IL  Roger Doll, IL  CM-Albert Tucker, LA
Row 2, L to R:
  Flavious Burgess, KY  Ted Williamson, WV  Leonard Hickman, TN  Earl Harvell, TX  IM-Michael Holmes, KY  Gary Ellison, IL  Don West, KY 
Row 2, L to R:  Earl Kennell, IN  Willis Shewcraft, KY  Byron Woolum, KY  Bill Wethington, MO  Ken Shultz, TN  Jerry Childers, AR (didn't play)  John Grisley, IL  Gene Ellison, IL (no present)





Photo of some of the "Wives Support Team" of the checker competitors who met October 3rd and 4th, at the 75th Illinois "101" County Checker Tournament in Marion, Illinois at the food court of the Illinois Centre Mall facility. Seated front row is Mrs. Faye Harvill of Texas, Mrs. Susie West of Kentucky, Mrs. Sue Tucker of Louisiana, Mrs. Pat Childers of Arkansas, Mrs. Mamie Wethington, of Missouri, Rear left, Mrs. Paralee Shultz of Tennessee, Mrs. Carol Williamson of West Virginia, and Mrs. Judy Grisley of Marion, Illinois who hosts these checker supporters to an annual lunch and a couple of excursions to local craft shows, festivals, or current activities of the weekend. Needless to say all had a busy and fun weekend exchanging news and their latest experiences of tournament travel since last year.





Ramon Dionisio vs Don West - 1Rd  09 IL 101.jpg (50890 bytes)Ethan Evans vs Alex Holmes - 1Rd  09 IL.jpg (44204 bytes)Bill Wethington vs John Grisley - 1Rd  09 IL.jpg (50150 bytes)Albert Tucker vs Michael Holmes - 1Rd  09 IL.jpg (44444 bytes)Howard Hoover vs Ken Shultz - 1Rd  09 IL.jpg (51934 bytes)Earl Harvell vs Earl Kennell - 1Rd  09 IL.jpg (49326 bytes)Ted Williamson vs Roger Doll - 1Rd  09 IL.jpg (45285 bytes)John Acker vs Gary Ellison - 1Rd  09 IL.jpg (57435 bytes)Ethan Evans vs Alex Holmes2 - 1Rd  09 IL.jpg (41596 bytes)Byron Woolum vs Flavious Burgess - 1Rd  09 IL.jpg (52917 bytes)Leonard Hickman vs Willis Shewcraft - 1Rd  09 IL.jpg (56866 bytes)Michael Holmes vs Albert Tucker - 1Rd  09 IL.jpg (51504 bytes)Don West vs Ramon Dionisio - 1Rd  09 IL.jpg (46597 bytes)

2009 Illinois 101 County

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