2009 Indiana State & District 6 Ohio Tournament
August 28th  & 29th  2009

Photos by Pal Bucker
Pal Bucker said, "I had a great time, I think everyone did.  The tournament was in
Indiana Amish country, some came by car, one by bus, one by bicycle, and some by buggy."


Indiana has the "Indiana Champion's Checker Board(s)" listing the names of our champions all the way back to
the late 1890s.  Were it not for these champion's boards that history would pretty much be lost.  This is the old board.


Indiana Champion's Checker Board "New board"


Pal Bucker said, "I want to thank my good friends Ed Lucas and his son Phil for letting
me hitch a ride, otherwise there would have been one player that came by walking!"


Hey Ed, put it back, you can't take that home!

More Ed Bucker Photos:

Venue was on 3rd floor of Davis Mercantile Building.jpg (126035 bytes)Roger Blaine, Alex Moiseyev, Edw. ( Pal) Bucker -09IN.jpg (118689 bytes)Indiana Checkersboard.jpg (218925 bytes)Wall Quilt Davis Mercantile - 09IN.jpg (142759 bytes)Roger Blaine with 2009 Score Sheet-09IN.jpg (103954 bytes)Roger Blaine, Ed Lucas, & Ed Bucker -09 IN.jpg (87308 bytes)We ate here - 09IN.jpg (113147 bytes)Visitor, Fred Rink Millersburg, IN -09IN.jpg (130146 bytes)Roger Blaine, Ed Lucas-09IN.jpg (135687 bytes)3 story timber frame building with basement.jpg (50361 bytes)Roger Blaine - 09 IN.jpg (41749 bytes)Jerry Miller 09 IN State Checker Champion.jpg (20187 bytes)Alex Moiseyev-09IN.jpg (118098 bytes)Ed Lucas, IN -09IN.jpg (106568 bytes)Alex Moiseyev & Ed Lucas - 09 IN.jpg (181631 bytes)Jerry Miller vs Lonnie Lambright -09 IN.jpg (118229 bytes)Menno-Hof Amish & Mnnonite Story 2.jpg (73008 bytes)merry-go-round next door to checker venue.jpg (95980 bytes)Shipshewana Indiana Amish buggy -09IN.jpg (101371 bytes)Visitor, Phil Lucas Greenwood, IN -09IN.jpg (110622 bytes)outside playing room -09IN.jpg (103529 bytes)Playing room stage after tables were taken down-09IN.jpg (104582 bytes)Ray Yoder - 09IN.jpg (110341 bytes)10 yr.old Alex Holmes-09IN.jpg (116280 bytes)Buggy rides $8.00 -09IN.jpg (158667 bytes)buggy 001.jpg (81822 bytes)
2009 IN crosstable.jpg (82261 bytes)Menno-Hof Amish & Mnnonite Story.jpg (56887 bytes)Shop 2.jpeg.gif (110381 bytes)Shop 1.jpeg.jpg (101610 bytes)Howard and Gene stayed here SUPER 8.jpeg.jpg (126119 bytes)Auction.jpg (72080 bytes)Indiana Checkers boards 009.jpg (91136 bytes)Indiana Checkers boards 008.jpg (116736 bytes)Indiana Checkers boards 007.jpg (129536 bytes)Ed Bucker -09 IN cut.jpg (13001 bytes)Quilt Shop.jpg (60962 bytes)Howard Hoover, IL -09IN.jpg (121554 bytes)

Alex & Pal - 09IN.jpg (130301 bytes)Gene Ellison, IL -09IN.jpg (114531 bytes)Ed Lucas - 09IN.jpg (140470 bytes)Ed Lucas @ the Farmstaed Inn-09IN.jpg (93064 bytes)Neil Wenberg, PA - 09IN.jpg (130902 bytes)Alex Holmes - 09 IN.jpg (114660 bytes)Ed Lucas and Wade Holder -09IN.jpg (128940 bytes)Jerry Miller Shipshewana, IN -09IN.jpg (94765 bytes)Marvin, ED, Mary, Wade -09IN.jpg (154702 bytes)buggy too fast for camera-09IN.jpg (111614 bytes)Davis Mercantile Tree looking down-09IN.jpg (137209 bytes)Davis Mercantile Tree end-09IN.jpg (139108 bytes)Davis Mercantile Tree looking up - 09IN.jpg (135569 bytes)Davis Mercantile Shops 02-09IN.jpg (136072 bytes)Davis Mercantile Shops 01- 09IN.jpg (131302 bytes)2009 Playing Rm. Davis Mercantile.jpg (100661 bytes)Story of the Davis Mercantile Tree -09IN.jpg (115678 bytes)

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