2009 Indiana State & District 6 Tournament
August 28th  & 29th  2009 

District 6 contains States: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio - District Manager: Roger Blaine 

10 year old Alex Holmes, New Albany, IN  09NC 15.jpg (21774 bytes)

 Alex Moiseyev Wins Ty & D6 Champion

 Alex Holmes Indiana State Youth Champion

3rd floor of the Davis Mercantile building, in Shipshewana, Indiana
2009 Indiana State & District 6
B Class  
August 28 - 29, 2009
By Round, 2Gm                          



Rd 1

Rd 2

Rd 3

Rd 4

Rd 5

Rd 6 Rd 7

Pts-H Pts

Place Cash Comments
1 Alex Moiseyev - Dublin, OH 101001 2547 7T3 13T7 5T11 9T15 6T19 2T23 3T27


1 $160.00

 wins Ty & District 6 Champion

2 Kenny Miller - Middlebury, IN 101xxx unrated 18T2 12T6 10T8 4T11 7T15 1T15 8T17

17- 104

2 $ 40.00

 2009 Indiana State Champion

3 Jerry Miller - Middlebury, IN 101361 1565 7T2 10T2 20T6 15T9 11T13 12T17 1T17

17-  97

3 $ 40.00  
8 Ed Bucker - Mooresville, IN 101121 1741 13T1 16T4 6T5 17T9 9T11 5T15 2T17

17-  83

4 $ 40.00  
4 Wade Holder - Fayetteville, NC 101137 1884 16T2 17T4 11T8 2T9 5T11 10T14 7T16


6 Gene Ellison - Norris City, IL 101046 2033 3T2 18T4 8T7 10T11 1T11 9T13 12T15

15- 105

7 John Acker - Columbus, OH 101037 2125 1T1 15T3 18T7 5T9 2T9 16T13 4T15

15-  95

9 Neil Wenberg - Harmony, PA 101062 1927 14T4 5T5 17T9 1T9 8T11 6T13 10T15

15-  99

10 Earl Kennell - Roanoke, IL 101284 1766 12T2 3T6 2T8 6T8 13T12 4T13 9T15

15-  94

11 Marvin Yoder - Shipshewana, IN 101xxx unrated 5T0 19T4 4T4 14T8 3T8 13T10 18T14

14-  79

11 $10.00

2nd Amateur (tie)

12 Pete Schmucker - Shipshewana, IN 101366 1565 10T2 2T2 19T6 13T8 15T12 3T12 6T14

14-  87

10 $10.00

2nd Amateur (tie)

5 Howard Hoover - Odin, IL 101090 1780 11T4 9T7 1T7 7T9 4T11 8T11 13T13

13- 104

13 Alex Holmes - New Albany, IN 101209 1530 8T3 1T3 16T6 12T8 10T8 11T10 5T12

12- 100


Indiana State Youth Champion

14 John Drexel - Comstock Park, MI 101xxx unrated 9T0 20T3 15T4 11T4 18T6 19T10 16T12

12-  72

15 Lonnie Lambright - Goshen, IN 101xxx unrated 17T1 7T3 14T6 3T7 12T7 18T9 21T11

11-  86

16 Ray Yoder - Goshen, IN 101374 1364 4T2 8T3 13T4 18T7 17T9 7T9 14T11

11-  83

17 Ed Lucas - Greenwood, IN 101357 1677 15T3 4T5 9T5 8T5 16T7 21T8 19T11

11-  87

18 Ted Williamson - Kenova, WV 101321 1771 2T2 6T4 7T4 16T5 14T7 15T9 11T9

9-  84

19 Andrew Kravetz - Indianapolis, IN 101196 1354 a 11T0 12T0 20T1 21T1 14T1 17T2


20 Roger Blaine - Mishawaka, IN 101117 1678 a 14T1 3T1 19T4 wd    



 w/d after R5 to make even no.

21 Keith Hershberger - LaGrange, IN 101xxx unrated LE       19T4 17T7 15T9

9-  24


 joined R5 and Roger dropped out


Congratulations to: Alex Moiseyev, tournament winner & District 6 Champion; Kenny Miller, Indiana State Champion; and Alex Holmes, Indiana State Youth Champion.
a.  Andy Kravetz & Roger Blaine sat out 1st Round (Andy arrived for rd 2).   Keith Hershberger joined R5 (Blaine w/d after R5 to make even numbers, also the director & scorekeeper).
2nd Amateur (tie) Schmucker, M. Yoder, each $10.    Novice (1-day entries) - Hershberger, set & board;  Kravetz, board.  Kenny Miller, of Middlebury, Ind. became the Indiana State Champion by honor points as he, his brother Jerry Miller, and last year's champion, Ed "Pal" Bucker, of Mooresville, Ind. all tied for second place with 17 points.  Kenny and Jerry both got some world-class experience by playing Alex, while Pal showed a remarkable improvement with his winning score against high-rated opponents.  Shipshewana is a small town in LaGrange County at the northern edge of Indiana, a heavily Amish area which has become a tourist attraction.  Mr. Alvin Miller invited the tournament to come to the Davis Mercantile building, a three-story indoor mall with all-wooden construction.  A total of 21 players from 7 states made a fine attendance for an Indiana event.  Above results submitted by John Acker via ACF Forum - Tournaments Discussion - Aug 29, 2009, 8:09 pm.
Tournament Notes: (by John Acker)
- We had twenty players in the tourney, six or so of whom were local to the area. Before everyone had arrived, there was a vote regarding playing in divisions, and the majority (12-4) voted to remain in one division. In my opinion this was a bad decision, since it resulted in a lot of easy victories and uneven pairings.
- Roger Blaine did an able job of directing the tournament, playing three rounds and keeping the pairings and games running smoothly. Unfortunately the playing room was noisy at times since most players stayed there for practice games and assorted kibitzing/conversation, but Roger did keep the noise under control for the most part. Prize fund included entry fees and a $10 contribution by Ted Williamson.
- Our venue was the Davis Mercantile Building in Shipshewana, IN, deep into Amish Country. Accordingly, most buildings in the town were either souvenir shops, restaurants (no franchises or fast food though), or agriculture-related. There was a lot of shopping available for those into arts and crafts, but not much else to do. One local restaurant did offer checker players 10% off meals, so most players ate there during the daytime.
- Andy Kravetz brought a table with an inlaid chess & checker board to sell, along with a chess set. Several players played casual games of chess over the weekend, and I believe Alex Holmes ended up buying the table. I played much better chess than I did checkers, which should probably tell me something! Actually there were several multi-game players present, including TD Roger Blaine.
- Alex Holmes (Michael's son) held his own against many more experienced players, and even managed to win a pile of quarters in one round. His mom came around every couple of rounds to check on him, particularly when he neglected to answer his cell phone.
- Alex Moiseyev (or "big Alex," as we referred to him during the tournament) won all but one of his games, drawing the first one of the tournament against some patzer from Columbus. And incidentally, when told that Alex had gone out for a smoke break, one player got very concerned-- until he realized we weren't talking about Alex Holmes! 
(all above text contents by John Acker)
Notes by Alex Moiseyev: New IN State champion - local and very good player Kenny Miller, 17 points. His brother, Jerry Miller (3rd place) and Pal Bucker (4th place) also got 17 points. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to play with Palomino, otherwise he would definitely have more points. I've got prize money $160, and Kenny, Jerry and Pal split prizes fund, each got $40. Nice place, nice people, lovely friendly atmosphere. I will post later few games.
-WCDF #4 Jan/Jun 2009 Ratings. T separates player's opponent from player's accumulated game points. Win is 2 points, Draw is 1, and Bye is 3.  wd stands for withdrawal, and forf stands for forfeit, and LE for late entry.
-Top-scoring resident of: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, or Ohio will be recognized as District 6 Champion.

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