2009 Irish 3-Move Title Match  (McCosker vs Hannigan)

The 3-move Title Match (20 games) between Shane McCosker (champion) and Myles Hannigan (challenger) will be played over 4/5 days and scheduled for October 8th - 13th in the Co Tyrone. 


Shane McCosker from Sion Mills, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, and conceivably you recall he defended his Irish 3-Move Match-play Championship against Myles Hannigan of Strabane, Co Tyrone in Mid-August 2008.  He gained the title earlier that year after Sean Cronin of Limerick withdrew from their scheduled match in March. Tommy Canning as most of us know, is Shane's checker coach and trainer.  Tommy's protégés gained his Grandmaster title this year as being recognized by WCDF in their January/June 2009 Ratings.  Shane is currently rated as 2444 and just 100 shy of Moiseyev and King.  Perhaps he will be a future World Champion!  Shane has youth and an excellent mentor on his side.
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Final outcome Shane McCosker 4 - 0 -16 over Myles Hannigan

Congrats to Shane on retaining his IRISH 3-MOVE TITLE

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