2009 ACF National GAYP Checkers Tournament
August 3
rd thru 7th 2009
Americas Best Value Inn & Suite, in Lebanon, TN

Rating Data:

ACF "JIM MORRISION" NATIONAL TOURNAMENT August 3-7, 2009 Lebanon, TN Americas Best Value Inn & Suites

MASTERS by game Swiss GAYP
WCDF # Country RD1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
101037 1 John Acker OH 8T1 2T5 9T6 6T7 12T9 11T9 BYE T12 3T12 10T12 14T12 4T14 5T15 2T17
101052 2 Ron Bailey NC 9T0 1T0 BYE T3 12T5 15T5 3T5 4T7 8T9 11T10 13T10 6T11 14T11 1T13
101008 3 Richard Beckwith OH 10T2 11T5 7T7 5T8 13T10 2T14 15T16 1T20 14T22 6T24 9T27 12T31 BYE T34
101021 4 Anthony Bishop TN 11T2 10T3 12T6 14T9 7T11 6T12 2T14 13T16 BYE T19 5T21 1T23 9T26 8T28
103002 5 Jack Francis Barb. 12T4 9T6 8T9 3T12 10T14 15T15 6T17 14T19 13T21 4T23 BYE T26 1T29 7T31
101003 6 Richard Hallett FL 13T2 14T4 10T6 1T9 9T12 4T15 5T17 7T19 15T22 3T24 2T27 BYE T30 15T33
101013 7 Larry Keen TN 14T2 13T5 3T7 9T9 4T11 12T14 11T16 6T18 8T20 BYE T23 10T25 15T27 5T29
101005 8 Tim Laverty NC 1T3 15T6 5T7 10T8 14T9 BYE T12 9T14 2T16 7T18 12T21 13T23 11T25 4T27
101032 9 Alan Millhone OH 2T4 5T6 1T9 7T11 6T12 10T12 8T14 BYE T17 12T19 15T20 3T21 4T22 12T24
101002 10 Jim Morrison KY 3T2 4T5 6T7 8T10 5T12 9T16 14T18 15T19 1T23 11T26 7T28 13T32 14T34
102001 11 Earl Morrison Can. 4T2 3T3 13T5 15T6 BYE T9 1T13 7T15 12T18 2T21 10T22 14T23 8T25 13T27
101131 12 Larry Pollard AL 5T0 BYE T3 4T4 2T6 1T8 7T9 13T10 11T11 9T13 8T14 15T15 3T15 9T17
101043 13 Carl Reno KY 6T2 7T3 11T5 BYE T8 3T10 14T10 12T13 4T15 5T17 2T21 8T23 10T23 11T25
101006 14 Joe Schwartz FL 7T2 6T4 15T7 4T8 8T11 13T15 10T17 5T19 3T21 1T25 11T28 2T32 10T34
101015 15 John Webster NC BYE T3 8T4 14T5 11T8 2T12 5T15 3T17 10T20 6T21 9T24 12T27 7T29 6T30

by game Swiss GAYP

WCDF MAJORS RD1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
101126 1 Josh Armstrong AL 9T3 16T5 11T7 6T11 17T15 4T16 3T18 15T19 10T21 14T25 12T29 8T32 15T36
101076 2 Ken Christian TN 10T2 15T2 8T2 BYE T5 5T7 9T7 7T9 17T11 13T14 11T14 6T15 3T17 7T21
101206 3 John Estes TN 11T2 10T5 17T5 7T8 12T12 13T15 1T17 16T17 4T18 15T20 9T23 2T25 11T27
4 George Gerhauser NY 12T4 13T6 15T9 17T11 11T13 1T16 16T18 14T22 3T25 8T29 5T30 10T33 16T35
101130 5 Earl Harvell TX 13T0 8T2 7T5 14T5 2T7 BYE T10 9T12 10T13 17T14 6T16 4T19 12T21 12T25
101205 6 Dale Hedrick TN 14T3 17T5 10T6 1T6 9T10 15T10 13T11 BYE T14 8T15 5T17 2T20 16T22 17T26
101147 7 Leonard Hickman TN 15T1 11T2 5T3 3T4 BYE T7 12T7 2T9 8T10 9T13 10T13 14T13 17T15 2T15
101151 8 Shelby Mays KY 16T0 5T2 2T6 12T8 13T9 14T10 BYE T13 7T16 6T19 4T19 15T20 1T21 9T25
101123 9 Hollis McClard TN 1T1 14T2 BYE T5 10T6 6T6 2T10 5T12 13T15 7T16 12T18 3T19 11T21 8T21
101109 10 Bill McClintock NC 2T2 3T3 6T6 9T9 15T11 17T12 12T12 5T15 1T17 7T21 16T23 4T24 14T24
101150 11 Jimmy O'Grady NY 3T2 7T5 1T7 13T11 4T13 16T14 14T16 12T19 15T21 2T25 17T27 9T29 3T31
101211 12 Harvey Powell TN 4T0 BYE T3 14T6 8T8 3T8 7T12 10T16 11T17 16T17 9T19 1T19 5T21 5T21
101158 13 Dallas Ramsey AL 5T4 4T6 16T8 11T8 8T11 3T12 6T15 9T16 2T16 withdrew…
101144 14 Ken Shultz TN 6T1 9T4 12T5 5T9 16T10 8T13 11T15 4T15 BYE T18 1T18 7T22 15T24 10T28
101107 15 Teal Stanley NC 7T3 2T7 4T8 16T9 10T11 6T15 17T19 1T22 11T24 3T26 8T29 14T31 1T31
101060 16 Albert Tucker LA 8T4 1T6 13T8 15T11 14T14 11T17 4T19 3T23 12T27 17T30 10T32 6T34 4T36
101280 17 Alex Weaver NJ BYE T3 6T5 3T9 4T11 1T11 10T14 15T14 2T16 5T19 16T20 11T22 7T24 6T24

by game Round Robin GAYP

WCDF RD1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
101384 1 James Atkins NC 14T1 2T1 3T1 4T1 5T2 5 7T5 8T5 9T6 10T8 11T12 12T16 13T18
101104 2 Gayle Helterbrand MO 13T2 1T6 14T9 3T12 4T14 5T17 20 7T21 8T22 9T25 10T25 11T26 12T30
101137 3 Wade Holder NC 12T3 13T5 1T9 2T10 14T13 4T17 5T20 23 7T26 8T26 9T28 10T32 11T34
4 Danny Hughes TN 11T4 12T8 13T9 1T13 2T15 3T15 14T16 5T16 19 7T21 8T22 9T23 10T25
101134 5 Perry McCracken KY 10T0 11T4 12T8 13T11 1T14 2T15 3T16 4T20 14T24 27 7T29 8T30 9T33
6 Ron Mohr* TN 9T0 10T0 11T2 12T2 13T2 withdrew…
101264 7 Ray Shelly MD 8T4 9T7 10T7 11T9 12T11 13T13 1T17 2T20 3T21 4T23 5T25 28 14T30
101113 8 Willis Shewcraft KY 7T0 14T2 9T5 10T8 11T12 12T16 13T20 1T24 2T27 3T31 4T34 5T37 40
101124 9 J. R. Smith NC 6T4 7T5 8T6 14T10 10T14 11T17 12T21 13T23 1T26 2T27 3T29 4T32 5T33
101133 10 Buck Smith VA 5T4 6T8 7T12 8T13 9T13 14T17 11T19 10T23 13T25 1T27 2T31 3T31 4T33
101189 11 Trey Stanley NC 4T0 5T0 6T2 7T4 8T4 9T5 10T7 14T7 12T9 13T11 1T11 2T14 3T16
101214 12 Bill Stanley NC 3T1 4T1 5T1 6T5 7T7 8T7 9T7 10T7 11T9 14T9 13T11 1T11 2T11
101149 13 Kim Willis MO 2T2 3T4 4T7 5T8 6T12 7T14 8T14 9T16 10T18 11T20 12T22 14T23 1T25
101091 14 Wilma Wolverton MO 1T3 8T5 2T6 9T6 3T7 10T7 4T10 11T14 5T14 12T18 21 13T24 7T26

Note: *Ron Mohr withdrew after Round 5, and remainder of his opponents were awarded 3 points (round-robin)

Notice: The number before the T is the opponent number; the number after the T is the cumulative point total.  Rounds were scored 1 point for a draw, 2 points for a win, and 3 points for a bye with 2-game rounds.  (The cross-table does not distinguish whether players had a win apiece or two draws, as the points are the same, and there is no impact on rating either way.)

2009 GAYP National