2009 World Qualifying GAYP
September 1st thru 4th 2009

The annual World Qualifying (GAYP) Tournament will be held in Isle of Wight, England.  The GAYP event was rescheduled one day later than the original bid to address the concern of unavailable hotel rooms on the preceding weekend.  The World GAYP Qualifying Tournament to be played at The Town Club, Ryde, Isle of Wight during the week commencing on Tuesday, 1st of September to Friday the 4th of September. The EDA will provide 500 to be distributed as: 250 to the winner and Qualifier, 150 to the runner-up, 100 3rd, and playing equipment for the event.  The United States (via ACF and ICHF) will send Jim Morrison (2005 WQT champ), Richard Beckwith (2007 WQT runner-up), Anthony Bishop, Charles Freeman, and Wilma Wolverton.  Other interested women and youth (up to four in each category) are still welcome to participate and should contact an ACF Executive Officer soon for details.  Participants will need to cover their own expenses, but prize money for the top places will be offered.  The highest placed lady could qualify to play Amangul in 2010 if no other tournament is arranged.  It will be Carnival Week in Ryde, with spectacular processions on at least 2 occasions as an added attraction. 

Two nominations are allowed per federation.  Women and youth players from USA are welcome to contact ACF Executive Officer about their participation

Organizer/Director: Ian & Joan Caws

Submitted By Ian Caws

Other news......US will send Jim Morrison, Richard Beckwith, Anthony Bishop, Charles Freeman, and Wilma Wolverton to the World Qualifier in England, September 2-5 (GAYP).  Other interested women and youth (up to 4 in each category) are still welcome to participate.

2009 GAYP QT list of participants based on final nomination as of deadline Aug 1: (posted ACF Forum 8/22/09)


01. J. Morrison
02. A. Bishop
03. W. Wolverton


04. J. Francis


05. D.Harwood
06. F. Bednall
07. J. Joliff
08. J. Caws


09. R. Beckwith
10. C. Freeman

Ireland (IDA)

11. F. Moran
12. T. Kee

Ireland (NFD)

13. J. Mutulis

Ireland (NWDF)

14. S. McCosker


15. P. Faleo
16. R. Tovagliaro


17. A. Rose

South Africa

18. L. Kondlo


19. J. Morgan

2009 WQT Results

2009 Tournament Dates