2009 NFD's Havlin, Hughes, & Madden Memorial Tourney

Northern Federation of Draughts' (NFD) Havlin, Hughes, & Madden Memorial Tourney was held in McNally's Bar/Restaurant in Toomebridge, Northern Ireland Tuesday, October 6th, 2009


Francie McNally (NFD) and his team organized this Memorial Tourney in the honor and memory of Paddy Havlin a Master player, Paddy Hughes a Senior player and Mickey Madden an Intermediate player all of Northern Ireland. This Memorial Tournament was a fitting event for these recently deceased gentlemen and hosted by Francie McNally in McNally's Bar & Restaurant in Toomebridge, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.  Tommy Canning was present the finial evening for the presentations at the request of Francie McNally. Tom emailed the below pictures and I misunderstood who organized it.  He later reported this was a fine tourney with almost 50 players taking part.  All three families had a big representation on the final night and were on hand to do the presentations to Ty winners with the prizes.  Tommy said, " I had conversations with all of them and they were delighted that the occasion had come about.  We swapped old stories and events from the past and it was an exhilarating and joyous experience."  Northern Federation of Draughts is a federation of draughts clubs and individual players across Northern Ireland.

PHOTOS of presentation by family members:

Alex Fullerton Indermediate 1st Place.jpg (245903 bytes)Brendan Ellison Senior 2nd Place.JPG (229827 bytes)Cathal McFadden Intermediate 3rd Place.jpg (246022 bytes)Colm O'Connor Masters 1st Place.jpg (242617 bytes)Francis McNally, Joseph Hughes.jpg (213741 bytes)Francis McNally, Myles Hannigan.JPG (237447 bytes)Gerald Callaghan.jpg (239558 bytes)Gerald Callaghan Senior 1st Place.JPG (216839 bytes)Group Picture of Players at McNally's.jpg (208775 bytes)

Joe Fullerton Intermediate 2nd Place.JPG (234055 bytes)Patsy Logue Masters 2nd Place.JPG (233222 bytes)Margaret Mallan, Tommy Canning-.jpg (224386 bytes)Shiela Conulty-.jpg (229857 bytes)Prize winners.JPG (236832 bytes)Tommy Canning, Joseph Hughes.jpg (217713 bytes)Vincent Havlin.JPG (216927 bytes)John Joe McGee Senior 3rd Place.JPG (227193 bytes)John McElhone Masters 3rd Place.JPG (243084 bytes)

2009 Tournament Dates