2009 World Qualifying GAYP
held at The Town Club, Ryde, Isle of Wight, England on September 2nd thru 5th

Photos: by Richard Beckwith

Charles Freeman entering Ryde Town Club Hall

(picture with game ending) R. Tovagliaro (left) vs. F. Moran;
spectators from top left, clockwise: John Jolliff, John Reade, Charles Freeman, Paolo Faleo (seated)

Post-tournament Dinner Pic # 1 left-to-right,
F. Moran (edge of picture), C. Freeman, J. Caws, I. Caws, S. Phillips, A. Rose, F. Bednall

Post-tournament Dinner Pic # 2 clockwise from bottom left: Charles Freeman, Joan Caws,
Sean Phillips, Wilma Wolverton, John Jolliff, John Reade, Sune Thrane, Shane McCosker, Frank Moran

Jim Morrison leaving Isle of Wight for ferry

Photo by Wilma Wolverton:

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