2009 Women's World GAYP Match

 Jan Mortimer vs Amangul Durdyeva  


Jan Mortimer

Amangul Durdyeva

Jan Mortimer of New Zealand has challenged Amangul Durdyeva of Turkmenistan for the Women's World GAYP Checkers Championship.  The match will take place this June 15th, 2009.  Mr. Hoja Durdyev, Tournament Director is currently negotiating with the Turkmenistan government to hold this match in Avaza, Turkmenistan.  He is promising it to be one of the best run events in checker history!  He has an agreement with Turkmenistan government and Sport Minister who will sponsor this event and raise a cash prize fund up to $12,500.00.

Incidentally, Avaza, Turkmenistan has been under large scale construction for past two years and it seem the government is behind making Avaza a national tourist & international business zone.  They are going after tourist and hotel business while implementing the best seaports and free zones worldwide practice available.  President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov, as well as the country feels Turkmenistan has entered the "Golden Age" and they promise development, quality, and a range of services to meet the high international standards of business and tourist.  This checker event fits well with their agenda of planned events   Read More on Avaza projects 

Hopefully this even will be rescheduled.

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